Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Dump the Person with Whom You Date

Compatibility and understanding are two very important things in a relationship. If you are not happy with the person you are dating then it would be better for you to dump them. You do not have to do it in an inhuman manner.

Here, we will give you some brilliant tips to dump the person whom you date without hurting their feelings and emotions.

1. Do not rush into things

If you are not happy in your relationship then do not rush into things. Take everything as it comes. If you want a break-up then think about this matter with a cool head. Talk to your partner about this matter then only take your decision.

2. Do not delay

Breaking up is never easy for any one. You may be leaving someone you care about and dreamt big dreams with. The short term pain of a break-up is much better the years of suffering in an unsatisfying relationship. So, if you are convinced that you will never be happy with this person, do not delay in breaking -up.

3. Do it is person

If you think that your relationship would never to successful then it would be better for you to have a break-up. But you should always break this sad new to your partner in person. Never behave in a cowardly manner by just sending an email or a telephone call.

4. Break-up at your partner's place

If you have to break-up with your partner then it would be better to do this at their place.

5. Be very honest

Be very honest to yourself as well as your partner. A relationship rarely fails because someone's done something wrong. It is because the two of you are not compatible enough to work it out. Explain as much as you can about your feelings without making the other person feel inferior. Never try to blame the other person for the failure of the relationship.

6. Discuss it with your partner

Listen to your partner's side of story before you break-up with them. It is human nature to want closure, so do not expect them to shrug and accept the news without an explanation, especially if it has come very suddenly.

7. Do not blame yourself

Do not blame your self for the break-up because it had to happen one day or the other. If a relationship is not working properly then it will surely have a destructive end.

8. Do not ask your partner to be your friend

Do not end the conversation by asking your ex to be your friend. It feels like a demotion, even if you started out as friends initially. Let them make the decision about whether or not to be friends.

These are some excellent tips to dump the person you date in a polite manner.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Romantic Valentine's Day Celebrations in Scotland

Valentines Day in Scotland is certainly a time of celebration. On the 14th of February every year, thousands of people, young and old, check their mail to see if they have been sent a Valentines Card. It is a day when Love is declared. St. Valentines Day has emerged as an important festival of Scotland in recent times. Anxiety and enthusiasm is same as for any other festival. People dedicate the day to their love and wish to be together forever.

Romantic Venues
  1. Scotland's reputation for romantic venues is already well known throughout the world. Indeed the small village of Gretna Green is famous around the world as the place for romantic weddings. It is the first village over the Scottish border on the road from England to Glasgow. It is particularly renowned for being the place where young English couples in particular eloped.
  2. It is believed that the remains of St Valentine's remains are in the church of Blessed St John Duns Scotus in Glasgow', a little-known fact that has led to Glasgow styling itself as the 'City of Love' in recent years.
  1. In Scotland, Valentine Day has a very simple and sweet tradition associated with it. People deliver cards to their near and dear ones with special Valentine messages. These cards are popularly known as "Valentines" and are sent anonymously.
  2. Another very important and enthusiastically followed tradition is the search of Valentine date. According to this Scottish custom, the first young man or woman encountered on the street or elsewhere on Valentine's Day becomes his or her Valentine and the day is celebrated with them.
  3. Young folk still at school join in the tradition buying or making Valentine cards for the boy or girl who has 'caught their eye'. The cards are often filled with valentine poems and verses. Sometimes, they also write poems on the envelope to speed up the delivery by the postman.
  1. Valentines Day in Scotland is often celebrated by a romantic candlelight dinner in a restaurant or hotel, or sometimes one makes the other a special meal at home.
  2. The couple exchange gifts and cards and do what they can to make the other feel loved and special.
  3. In Scotland valentine's gifts were given by both parties in the form of a love-token and a true-love-knot.
  4. In Scotland Valentine's Day is celebrated by having a festival. At the festival there is an equal amount of young unmarried men and young unmarried ladies who get together, each of them writes on a piece of paper their name or a made up name, this is then rolled up. The names are placed in two hats one for the men one for the ladies they then have to draw a piece of paper out of the hat. Both may end up with two valentines but the young man should stick with the valentine who has chosen him.
  5. Later on, gifts are exchanged and Valentine's Day is greeted with hugs and kisses. Such wonderful Valentine games often result in unusual marriages.
These are some beautiful ways in which Valentine's Day is celebrated in Scotland.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift for Your Girlfriend

Some people are so engrossed in their hectic life that they actually forget to buy a Valentine's Day gift for their girlfriends from before. If that is the case with you then no need to panic, calm down and take a deep breath. Not all hope is lost even if the deadline is here.

Here we will give you some excellent last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Jewelry is the perfect gift for this day. A heart shaped pendant will win your girlfriend over very time. There is nothing more flattering that makes a women feel beautiful and the envy of her friends than a stunning pendant. It shows you are a sensitive and caring boyfriend or husband. Depending on your budget you can start with silver or gold or upscale for that extra sparkle to diamonds or other precious gems.

2.Gift Cards
Gift cards come in handy no matter what holiday it is. Giving a gift card for Valentine's Day is a guaranteed satisfaction. Not only will your girlfriend not know it was a last minute gift, she can pick out her own gift. But you need to choose very wisely when it comes to this gift.

3.Heart Chocolate
These boxes of heart chocolates can be found any and everywhere, from a gas station to the local mart down the street from your house. You do not have to go out of your way for this due to lots of candies catering to the Valentine's holiday by making heart shaped chocolates.

4.Cute Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals can be located almost anywhere, everywhere and at any time of the year. There are sure to be lots of Valentine's Day themed stuffed animals such as bears. Walk into any store and pick the one that you think she will love, try to stick to the bears with hearts on them that read "I Love you", because they really create the Valentine's Day effect.

5.Beautiful flowers
Flowers are easily found, no matter where you go. On Valentine's Day there are sure to be many places that offer flowers for a reasonable price. Look for flower stands on the side of the road during Valentine's Day; it will save you the hassle of waiting in the long lines along with the other late shoppers.

6.Make a creative gift
If you do not have any money at all, you can always use your creativity to make your girlfriend a Valentine's Day gift. This can be anywhere from a scrapbook of you two, all the way down to a book of poems. When taking time out to make a gift, make sure you give it your own personal touch.

These are some perfect last minute Valentine's Day gifts for your girlfriend.

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