Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Being in a relationship is a very beautiful feeling. We feel on top of the world, sharing each and every moment with one another. But think what would happen if suddenly that wonderful bond is lost forever and we experience a break up.

If you love your girl friend more than your life, but she wants to have a break up, then how would you hold her back? These are questions one would ask himself. Is it really worth holding her back? Well there is an easy way to know whether you really want to stay put in that relationship or you want to let it go.

1. Do you really miss her when she is away?
2. You can not sleep when she is angry or sad.
3. You want her to be with you till eternity.
4. You can not see her with another guy.
5. And if you are ready jeopardize everything you own just to get her back.

If you are experiencing these symptoms then you really need your girlfriend back and you really are a one women man. So now let us talk about the most effective and easiest ways to get your girl friend back. Sometimes when one has a sudden break up then they tend to adopt the most destructive methods to get their girl friends back, but this should not be the case. It only causes ill feelings and distance between the two. A guy should never cry or attempt a suicide in such things one should be stronger and face every opposition bravely. One should always search for a reason for the break-up and how can problems between the two could be soughed out, only then measures to get back your girlfriend could be adopted. Getting back your girlfriend is not an easy task.

It requires a lot of effort, time and energy to persuade her to come back to you, you have to give your reasons and impress her. The best ways are:
  • If you really want her back, say sorry to her even if it is not your fault.
  • Give her some time to think over it again.
  • Do not push her too much to take you back as her boyfriend.
  • Do not show your emotions in front of her stay cool and give her the required space.
  • Try to convince her that you will never repeat your previous mistakes again.
  • Do not keep calling your girlfriend and emotionally back mail her to commit to you again.
  • Try to assure her that you will always love her and never leave her for any one else.
  • And at last send her some flowers or a very expressive letter or card stating all your feelings for her.
It is not guaranteed that by following these tips you will get your girl friend back, but it will surely guide you and hence will provide a path way for you to win your sweetheart's trust and love once again.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad Relationship Signs

In order to maintain trust and love in any relationship one has to be very understanding and supportive of their partners. A good relationship can suddenly shatter due to factors unknown to you. So it is always better to know from before about the factors that can affect your relationship in a harmful manner. If you are not aware of these signs then your relationship is over even before you realize it.

Here are some symptoms of bad relationship which you need to over come if you want your relationship to last for ever.

1.Lack of communication
Lack of communication is a bad sign for any relationship. If suddenly from long hours on phone you just come down to saying a Hi or a simple nod then it is high time to know that your relationship is on the verge of ending. Good communication between any couple helps in relieving stress; it also makes the bond between them much stronger.

2.Constant frustration
If you are not emotionally satisfied with your relationship, and your partner is constantly refusing to listen to you and you are finding no solace and comfort in their company, then it is sure sign of a deteriorating relationship.

3.Constant cribbing
If you or your partner is engaged in constant cribbing, and loose no opportunity to insult each other then you are heading for a break up. In any relationship it is very essential that the partners love and respect each other equally.

Tension around your partner is surely not a healthy sign. If the atmosphere between the two of you is always angry and tense and you are taking out your anger on your partner even if it is not their fault then your relationship is heading towards the wrong direction.

5.Lack of appreciation
If you no longer appreciate or admire your partner for the love and warmth they are giving you and instead always complaining about small things then this is a strong sign of a bad relationship.

6.No time for each other
A relationship lasts longer if you spent large amount of quality time together, this helps you in getting closer to your partner. But if you feel that you are slowly separating from your partner because they are not giving you time in spite of the fact that they have plenty of free time, then this sign shows that your partner is no longer interested in you and is ignoring you.

7.constant abuse
If your partner is making you the target of constant physical and mental abuse then it is the time for you to end the relationship. A person who indulges in the harassment of their partners and use foul language at every incidence then that person can not be tolerated any further.

So if you are experiencing any of these signs then it is the right time to call it quits before it is too late. It is of no use hanging on to such a relationship.

Friday, September 26, 2008

How to Tell if Someone Likes You

It is a very difficult to tell whether a person genuinely likes you or not. How can you say whether a certain guy or girl is interested in you? And how can you be totally sure that whether that liking is love, attraction or just infatuation. To know this there are some signs and clues that you must see.

To help you find out whether a person really likes you, we give you some advice that you must follow in order to be completely sure.
  • If suddenly some one calls you every few hours just to know what you were doing or whether you are free to meet him or her, then this is the first sign to know that that person in interested in you.
  • If a person turns up each and everywhere you go, and that person some how manages to single you out and talk to you even if you are in a large group, then this is the second sign.
  • If a person is acting very strangely, getting nervous or starts stammering when in front of you then be sure to know that it is the third sign that some one likes you.
  • If a person starts complementing you without any rhyme or reason and starts acting in a flirtatious manner with you then it is the fourth sign to know that he or she is interested in you.
  • The fifth sign that would help you to know whether a person is attracted to you is that that person will start smiling and blushing a lot when talking or even just standing near you.
  • That person will show the sixth sign by telling your mutual friends that he or she likes you. They will even ask your friends about your personal details and your hobbies.
  • You will know that a person likes you if he keeps staring at you and admiring you at all places. These tactics are adopted to gain someone's attention, so it is surely the seventh sign.
  • The next sign that you should be looking for is, try to observe them when you are any where near them, if their behavior suddenly changes when they see you or if they try to touch you if you are standing close to them then they surely like you.
  • The most important sign a person will show if they like you is, that they will openly invite you in front of their or your friends to spend some time together with then alone.
So these are some of the most important signs one should be looking for if they want to make sure whether a person is truly attracted to them or is it just a figment of their imagination.

How to Keep a Boyfriend in Love with You

Men are very easily distracted. If their girlfriend starts sounding too monotonous and becomes too boring then they would probably leave her. So in order to keep the spark alive in your relationship you should constantly make efforts to make him happy. Your boyfriend will never consider leaving you if you love and care for him the same way he does for you.

Keeping a boyfriend in love with you is a very easy task; you just need to follow some important tips and then you could be sure that your boyfriend will always remain yours.
  • One of the easiest things that a girl could do is to praise him from time to time. Boys like compliments the same way girls do. So to make them feel special keep telling them how sexy they look or compliment them about their looks and clothes they are wearing.
  • Always keep on reminding him how much you love and need him. Tell him that he is the most special person in your life and that no one else could ever take his or her place.
  • You can write long expressive letters or poems for him and leave them in a place where they could easily find them. You can also indulge in writing small sweet notes and leave then in their wallets.
  • It is always said, "a man's stomach is a way to his heart". So try cooking some exotic dishes for him and surprise him by setting a candle light dinner for two when he comes back from work.
  • Cuddle around him while you two watch television or are out on a movie date. This will give them comfort and warmth.
  • Cater to all his needs. Try to take out quality time for him on week ends and even on week days. Consider taking a long vacation together, this will help you to get closer to him.
  • If your boyfriend has some bad habit, do not be too harsh on him, instead you can talk to him about it in a cool manner, which will help him to understand your point of view, and it would also make him get rid of that habit.
  • Give him small gifts on regular basis. Buy things for him that he wants or likes the most. This will make him aware of the fact that you know really well about the things he likes and dislikes the most.
  • Call him when he is out of town on a business meeting and ask him about the progress and proceedings of this work. This will help in removing some of his stress and would make him feel fresh.
So if you really want to rekindle the romance with your lover once again follow these tips to get the desired results. These tips would surely bring you closer to him and make him realize that how much you love him.

Best Dating Sites to Date and Find Love

Today thousands of people are using dating sites on a regular basis to find love and friendship. These sites help them to look for people who are most compatible to them. Dating websites have become quite famous among people of all age groups in this last decade. These sites give them the much needed space and time for building up any relationship.

Here we present you with few of the best sites to date and find love. These
Sites will successfully help its users in finding the much needed love and relationship.

1. Friend Finder
This popular website promises that it is not only a mere dating site but also helps its members in starting a new and successful relationship. This site provides free workshops and discussions to its members on relationship and love.

2. Love planet Singles
It is a hundred percent totally free site. It provides you with fun dating, creative ideas for relationships and friendship. This site is specialized in online dating procedures and methods.

3. Total Dating
It provides you with everything that you would need to play a successful
Dating game. It provides you with chat forums, very detailed personal profiles of its members and colorful homepage.

4. Sober and Single
It is a very unique site and specializes in dating non-drinking singles so that they can enjoy liquor free life together. This site is created especially for those people who are non-drinkers and who hate to be surrounded by drinkers.

5. Match
This site claims to have a high success rate.Match.com is one of the best site in online dating. It has many special features like match mobile, online personal attractions, match live and match travel. It has a very active list of members who are interested in finding love and relationship.

6. True
This site emphasizes more on the safety of its members. This site has almost 10 million members who take active part in its day-to-day activities. It makes the use of scientific methods to find out the compatibility of its members. It has attractive background music and themes.

7. Kiss and Date
This site has 100 percent free e-mailing, 100 percent free chatting and 100 percent free message facility. It has advance features like zip code search, personal photos and videos settings and much more. It also provides advice on personal relationships and dating.

8. Large and lovely connections
This site has personals for plus sized singles. This innovative and very creative networking site is mainly for the larger size persons. Availability of such sites makes the larger sized person more at ease in using other websites also.

These popular dating websites will help its users in finding the right person they are looking for. These sites also cater to the different needs of all the individuals in finding love and friendship.

Online Dating Benefits

There is a lot of debate whether online dating is really beneficial than the traditional dating method or is it just another way of getting over a break -up or do people just indulge in it for their pastime. People who are single but not courageous enough for a real dating procedure take the help of online dating so that they could meet people of similar views and ideas.

Let us now discuss some advantages that an online dating system has over the real traditional dating methods. These benefits will also give us more knowledge about the online dating procedure.

·Internet dating provides an easier way to hide your real identity and share secrets in a much safer way. Some people are not comfortable in sharing things with others, unless and until they know them really well. Online dating gives them the much needed time and space that they require.

·When you are rejected online, it is much easier to face the reality because online you are not as attached to that person as you would have been in your real life.

·Online dating gives you much more time to think and then decide anything. It helps you to talk to people having the same type of thinking that you have. Common thoughts are very important in any relationship.

·Online dating is much more affordable and easier. Most of the dating sites are free and some charge a very nominal fee for the extra services that they provide. By getting to know so many people online, we can choose the person we like the most, and then go out on a real date with him or her.

·Online dating services are provided 24 hours in a day. This help people log on to the site at any time of the day, this prevents unnecessary time wastage because then they do not have to take out special time out of their busy schedule.

·Online dating sites have personal profile of all its members. This profile contains all the important information about its members; it helps the users in getting the person of their compatibility.

·Free online dating sites do not ever get after its members to renew their membership to enjoy more benefits. All the members have an access to the additional benefits provided by the owners. No dating site is ever going to draw money from your account with out your knowledge.

·Many dating sites have chat room and often conduct group discussions and events. This helps the user in expressing their ideas and also knowing about views of each other.

Hence dating sites prove to be quite beneficial for many people, who want to be in a relationship but are waiting for the right person.

Common Dating Mistakes That Men Make

In any relationship it is very common among dating couples to make some or the other mistake. Most of these mistakes are avoidable but in some cases they become the very base of destroying a relationship. Surveys conducted all around the world prove that a large percentage of these mistakes are made by guys and not by girls.

So let us now look into the most common mistakes that men tend to make on their dates:
  • One of the worst dating mistakes that a man can make is turning up late for his date. Some men adopt this tactic to gain importance but it is proven that this is the dumbest mistake that any man can make; it really annoys a woman to wait for his date sitting alone.
  • Another common mistake that most men make is that they are too self-occupied, instead of concentrating on their date they tend to talk mostly about themselves, it is considered as bad manners if one dominates the conversation and ignores the other person completely.
  • Physical appearance is surely a plus point in attracting any girl, but one also has to take care of their personal hygiene. One should be careful of bad body odor, yellow teeth, dirty clothes and poor table manners.
  • Most women hate men who are show offs, but men make this common mistake of acting too rich than they really are. Women love style and luxury but cheaters and liars are not at all accepted by them.
  • Some men talk about their ex-girlfriends or wives most of the time, this really hurts a women, because they want the concentration of that man on them and not on something that has happened in his previous life.
  • Another common mistake is acting too needy and desperate; men should not be too physical on their first few dates because this act gives an impression to the women that they are only dating them for pleasure and not for love.
  • Men try to act as if they are superior to women; some men try to force their views on the women they are dating and want that women to do everything according to their wish. Most of the women dislike men of such nature because they are free individuals and have every right to live according to their own hopes and aspirations.
  • And last but not the least sometimes men become too possessive. They stop their women from even talking to another guy. Women hate this attitude because this gives them a feeling of being possessed.
Hence a man should try his level best to avoid making these mistakes on his date to maintain a good loving relationship with their partner on a long-term basis.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creative and fun dating ideas

Everyone is interested in creative and romantic date ideas. A number of these ideas help us to make our dates more special and fun loving. We need to experiment with new ideas and thoughts to make the time spent together even more thrilling and exciting.

So here are some of the most interesting and funny dating ideas that would make you have an awesome and great time on your date.

  • Spend your time knowing about each others taste, liking and disliking, their favorite pass time and the things they love doing the most.
  • Take your date out for a romantic candle light dinner at an exquisite restaurant, if you have the budget then you can probably arrange for a limousine, that would make your date feel like a princess.
  • People love surprises; give your date a surprise birthday party when it is least expected.
  • Give them beautiful flowers, chocolate and expressive cards with romantic poems or quotations.
  • If your date is interested in sports, you can take her to one of the big sporting events in the town. You can learn the names of her favorite sport stars, which would help you to know her even better
  • Long drives are the most romantic and adventurous dating ideas. During the drive you can enjoy the weather and scenery outside. Stop by a restaurant on the way and give your girl an ice-cream treat, which would really make her happy.
  • Going for a romantic movie can also add spice to your date, hold her hand during the movie and tell her how much you love her.
  • Girls love shopping, so take her for a shopping spree. This will make you aware of her taste in clothes, footwear and jewelery, so that next time you would be able to buy her a gift of her own taste and likeness.
  • You can go on a hiking and trekking trip together; this will bring you in contact with the nature and would also help in making the beautiful bond between you two grow even stronger.
  • And last of all spent some quality time together, take her to some quite and private place where both of you can enjoy and celebrate the feeling of togetherness.

These dating ideas will surely introduce you to a new world of creativity and adventure which will help to make your date turn into a memorable experience.

Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations

A honey moon is the most cherished and awaited holiday in the life of every married couple. A mesmerizing and exquisite honeymoon can help create wonderful memories which are remembered for rest of their life. So in order to make this holiday a once in a life time experience one should be very particular about their honey moon destination.

So to make the task easier we provide you with information about the top 10 honeymoon destinations around the world.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is one of the most glamorous cities of the world with attractions like impressive casinos, world class honey moon hotels, glimmering night life and romantic gondola rides. This place is a complete package providing everything that a couple would want on their honeymoon.

2. Hawaii, USA
Hawaii is the ultimate honey moon destination for any married couple. It has exotic beaches, beautiful islands, clear water falls and great weather. You can also take a cruise to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

3. Venice, Italy
It is the most romantic city of Italy, from rides along the canal to breathtaking architecture of St. Mark’s square it provides you with all the delicacies of life. Every meal here is a feast for the senses and the medley of classical Italian songs will surely entertain you through out the trip.

4. Paris, France
Often called “The city of lights”, Paris is quite popular owing to its superb wines, culinary pleasures and rich heritage. It has picturesque locations and lovely architectures which would surely help in creating a memorable experience for you.

5. Seychelles
Located far off the coast of Africa, it is known for its paradise like islands, white powdery beaches, warm azure water, top class honey moon resorts and rejuvenating spas. Seychelles is an ideal place for spending some quality time with your loved one in privacy and seclusion.

6. Bahamas
Bahamas is a stunning 100,000 square mile archipelago made up of 700 islands. You can enjoy the beautiful tropical sun and some of the clearest waters or pass out on the beach with ease and comfort. One of the main attractions of this place is its enormous tax benefits.

7. Mauritius
It is the world’s most magical honey moon destination. Mauritius is famous for its white sand beaches, deep blue lagoons, nature reserves and wildlife parks. You can experience the most mouth watering dishes, traditional dancing and wonderful nightlife which would make it a unique honeymoon destination for you.

8. Barbados
Barbados is a lovely island in Caribbean. Its white sand beaches, unmatched tranquil atmosphere, colorful culture, exotic dishes and outstanding scenery allures the honey moon couples from all around the world.

9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Nature lovers will especially enjoy this land of tropical paradise with sparkling blue water, extinct volcanoes, turquoise lagoons and varieties of recreational activities filled with trill and adventures.

10. Vienna, Austria
Vienna is Austria’s capital and home of Romanesque, Baroque and classical architecture. It has sumptuous restaurants and great historical monuments. This place is so enthralling that you will enjoy every minute of your stay to the fullest.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seduction Techniques

Remember the famous lines of Roxette from Seduce Me Song?

You seduce me
You take my heart and use me
My feelings all run wild
when you seduce me all the time
when you seduce me all the time
you seduce me all the time
you seduce me...

Seduction is an art and not many people perfect it. If you try too hard, it may back-fire and you may be termed as cheap. If you try too soft, it may not leave the desired effect and you may not achieve your objective. Below are a few excellent seduction tips.

1. Speak with eyes: Drum rolls pls. Here is the mother of all seduction tricks. Look directly into eyes of your lover and let the gaze stay for a few seconds more than necessary. It speaks that you can’t have enough of your lover. Also make sure that you are looking not below the face.

2. Ambiance: If you are trying to seduce, don’t be cheap. Take your date to most costly restaurant in town. Treat her with excellent music and dinner.

3. Preparation: It never hurts to know everything about your date in advance. Sometimes gifting a red rose (favorite of your date) may act as best seduction technique.

4. Metrosexual man: Be a trendy metro sexual man. Most of the women admire metro sexual men.

5. Portray yourself as perfect Marriage Material: All girls share a secret typology for a man, which is a perfect Marriage Material Man. Definition is quite obvious, on a date act like she is your princess. Take care of her slightest of the need and by the end of date, she may melt in your arms.

6. Use proper colognes and perfumes: For most of women, bad odor is a big turn off. At the same time, good odor is a big turn on. So be very selective while selecting perfumes and colognes.

7. Work on your dress and personality: Carry your personality with grace. Sure you are trying to seduce a princess then you have to act as a knight.

8. Don’t let go any chance of making a body touch. It can be as subtle as holding the palms and caressing it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Get A Guy To Like You

OK this post is strictly for ladies. I know boys will read it anyway, so I won’t ask them to quit reading? Here is my personal list of how to get a guy to like you.

1. Work on your looks, be attractive: Believe me, no matter what a boy says, ultimately at the end of the day, it all comes to your looks. So better work on your looks. Try your best to improve your looks.
2. Don’t be a Miss I-Know-All: Bitter truth is even though we are in 21st century, most of the guys don’t like over smart woman. Now that we know this weakness of guys, we can use it to our advantage. All we have to do is act a bit dumb and it will swell the ego of your guy.
3. Learn to appreciate humor.
4. Improve your body language: It is something which is very important even in all fields of life.
5. Be smart: Guys love to show their woman. So carry your persona smartly. Always show confidence in everything you do.
6. Learn the art of flirting harmlessly. Show that you have an active interest in him. At the same time, don’t act cheaply.
7. Don’t ever compromise with yourself: Who wants to love a loser? Be whatever may, never compromise with yourself, even if that means losing in short term. However in long term, you will get due respect from your man.
8. Learn the art of listening: Well it is a tough one. Isn’t it? We all love to talk and chat. Most of the men have learnt the habit of listening while dealing with us. However no man will continue their relationship with you, if they can’t express themselves. So allow your man to express himself. Give him also sometime to speak out?
9. Be nice to his friends: Keep this in mind, his friends were before you entered into his life. So at times, you may have issues with his friends, but never force your personal feelings regarding his friend on to him.
10. Once again, look attractive, look hot and you got 90% deal done?

Top 5 Things Girls Like to Hear

1. Chart topper always is “You are beautiful.” And while saying it shows that you really mean it. There are also many variations of this most popular flirting pick up line like “You are HOT”, ”You are Sexy”etc. But keep in mind most of the girls will get offended if you start telling them, how sexy they are in your first meeting. So always rely upon tried and tested “You are beautiful” while looking directly into her eyes.

2. Compliments: None of the girls can resist compliments even from the creepiest males. Every girl secretly will do anything for getting complimented. Compliment her for any and every thing. E.g. Compliment her cooking, Compliment her sense of Humor, Compliment her selection of color etc. Use many “I like… “ lines e.g. “I like your bracelet, can I see it?” Make sure your compliment should not be too boastful, too cheeky or too vulgar.

3. Every girl despite hating in-laws always wants to be appreciated by all people in the world. So something like “I want you to take home and meet my family” may do wanders.

4. “My life long ambition is to visit Paris (or whatever – try to pick a place that is in her wish list). Will you travel with me to Paris, if we get a chance”. With this line you are fulfilling her life long wish without really showing that it is her wish, not your wish. Who won’t like it?

5. “You complete me” – These are the lines from one of my most favorite one liner movie Jerry Maguire. These lines not only compliment a girl on physical beauty side, but these compliment on her overall personality.

However in summary always keep in mind a girl always likes to hear "COMPLIMENTS, COMPLIMENTS and COMPLIMENTS". However while passing a compliment, don't overdo it. Also make sure that compliment should look sincere.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

How To Make A Man Jealous

Isn’t it interesting? Making a guy jealous. Typically speaking jealousy is said to be a virtue of us girls. However, there are times when we want to make guys jealous. It may be because of you want your ex to show how happy you are, may be you want your ex back, may be you want attention from a guy, who isn’t paying any attention to you, may be you want to test how possessive your boyfriend / husband is really. Regardless of cause, below are a few tips on how to make a man jealous:

1. Flirt with the guy’s best friend: Nothing hurts men ego more than seeing his best friend is getting something, which he should have. In 90% of the cases, it is sure ticket to jealousy.
2. Get a makeover, wear good clothes, walk with attitude, try to look very HOT and show that you don’t care for the guy. This will make him jealous to extreme extent. Here is a Madonna so good and so hot, still so untouchable. Who won’t be jealous?
3. Talk about other guys: While talking to guy whom you want to make jealous, talk about other guys. Talk about how good they are. Indeed men’s ego will take a ride and he will be jealous.
4. Always look busy: Whenever the guy calls up, act always busy with your hobby and other good thing in life.
5. Life is Beautiful: Show that how happy you are in life and how good is your life. Indeed it will make all others jealous and the guy will surely love to share your happiness.
6. Act very confidant: Well that’s the thing which hurts men ego most. A confidant girl. Most of the men think of girls as weak and dumb. So just act very confidant and it will make guys jealous like anything.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is She Flirting? Top 10 flirting tricks that women use

To understand a woman is not everyone’s cup of tea. However to assist you to understand how to recognize if a woman is flirting, I will spill out my personal secrets. Below are top 10 flirting tricks that I use when I am in flirting mood.

1. Giggling and smiling unnecessary: If you are in a group and while talking a girl is smiling and giggling all the time even on your most stupid remarks, it sure is a sign of big time flirting.
2. Gazing at you and when caught, pretending as if looking at some one else: Dude you got a shy girl in your hand. She likes you, but feeling a bit shy. Be a man. Go, talk her.
3. In a party, she is brushing against you by mistake: She is trying to get a chance to talk to you. Give her the chance?
4. In a conversation with you, she is taking too much of interest: She is showing interest in even listening to talks of silly activities of your friend’s father’s mate. So basically she is giving you full attention and obviously flirting with you.
5. While maintaining eye contact with you, she is playing with her hair, unknowingly cleansing her face; all this shows a visible sign of nervousness leading towards flirting sign.
6. Unsure about eye contact: While talking to you, if she is unsure about her eye contact, it sure is a big sign that she is interested in you, but she doesn’t want to be leveled as a too fast girl.
7. She is giving you a cute look again and again. Go speak up and initiate a conversation.
8. In a bar, deserting her friends, she comes and sits next to you and does not order any drink for her. It’s a sign for you to ask her a drink.
9. Doing weird things to get your notice: A few girls do crazy things to get noticed. If she is walking by you and by mistake glass sips out of her hand, at times it may signify she is trying to flirt with you.
10. Making soft insults at you: If you are being imitated by a girl, it may be a sign that she is trying to grab your attention.

So guys now you know what to do, when you come across a giggling, smiling, insulting girl in a party. Enjoy!

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