Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Date a Taurus

It can often be very difficult to date a Taurus because although they are not shy but they can be a bit reserved. Their love signals are not always very clear. Mutual acquaintances or being set up by friends tend to work better with Taurus than casual meetings.

Suggestions for dating a Taurus

1.They do not easily express their feelings
Taurus guys and girls do not ever express their feelings freely. They need time to think whether they have really fallen for someone or whether it is just an infatuation. But if they are really interested in you they will usually approach you in a straight forward manner.

2.They like to take things slow
If once a Taurus gets interested in you, they tend to like to take things slow. They are not really interested in trying different things or a wide variety of dates. If they have had one date that they liked, they will want to try and repeat it. They are not very choosy or fussy.

3.Taurus love luxuries and money
Taurus tends to be easily impressed by luxuries, money and power. If you want to date a Taurus then take your date on an elegant affair. They love the flash of money and expensive things. Give them expensive and elegant gifts. This would surely make them adore you.

4.They are sensual people
Taureans are very sensual people; they love being pampered by their partners. Little love notes, kisses, hugs and body massages are really adored by them. If you want to attract a Taurean then be sure to try out these things.

5.Be very honest and clear to them
Taureans are direct and down to earth and appreciate the same in return. If you want to win them over then you have to be very clear and honest to them. They hate and distrust people who cheat them or are disloyal in any way.

6.Give them a big surprise
Taureans are people who love big surprise. They like being adored and if you throw a surprise birthday party for you partner then they would really love you for it. They are usually sentimental souls as they love receiving flowers, cards and gifts.

7.They love good food
You can easily impress a Taurean by taking them for long walks, meeting in a café, a nice dinner, a mellow concert, museums, in order to show them your creative pursuits.

Follow these suggestions to impress a Taurean on a date.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perfect Tips for Dating a Gemini

Gemini's are those people who are born between may22nd and June 21st. It is often said that dating a Gemini is much easier than dating a person of any other zodiac sign. They are very easy going and they usually fall in love with those people who stimulate their curiosity and intelligence.

Here are some excellent tips for dating a Gemini male or female.

1.Fist impression is the most important
While dating a Gemini always keep this in mind that for them the first impression is the most important. Be sure that you are dressed your best and be very careful about the way you talk and behave.

People born under the zodiac sign of Gemini love to meet new people and they are very communicative and like to talk a lot. When you are on a date with them, try to listen more than you talk. Do not ever try to dominate the conversation.

3.Do not show aggression
Gemini people just can not stand any kind of aggression or rude people. If they are caught in any tense situation then they would surely escape from that situation. So, always remember this while dating a Gemini.

4.Invite them to a social place
Gemini people are easily impressed by variety, intelligence and social connections. If you want to really win their heart then take them for a movie, sports events or concerts because they love lively places.

5.Respect their freedom
Gemini people love their freedom very much. They hate those people who pose any kind of hindrance to their freedom. They can not be forced into a relationship. They would take their own time to get interested in you. So, never try to force a Gemini into a relationship with you.

6.They are creative and fun loving
Gemini's are very creative and fun loving people. Never try to say or do something in their presence that is boring. While dating a Gemini keep in mind that you also need to be as lively as they are.

7.Gemini are never very punctual
Gemini's are never very punctual, so never expect them to arrive on time for a date. Your date can also be broken without prior notice and do not be surprised if you date turns into a social gathering.

8.They will not call you daily
A Gemini is not that kind of person that would call or meet you daily. If you force them too much then they will probably get bored of you, and then would gradually loose interest in you.

These are some tips that you must surely follow in order to have success while dating a Gemini.

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