Friday, August 29, 2008

Why do women love men ?

Indeed it is a tough question for ladies. Men are so different and while talking among us, rarely we talk anything good about men’s habits. Talk about their love for beer, brawl, football, urinating with commode lid on almost all the things men do are irritating. Still women love men. Below are a few points that I can think about. If you know more feel free to add.

1. They are different. We all know opposite attracts. If I have to go for a vacation, I will rather go to Africa or Japan instead of going to say San Francisco. People love to do things which they can’t do naturally / don’t possess naturally. Since men are so different, it is prime reason women love men.
2. Father Figure – Since childhood all women adore their fathers. Liking is natural, because most of the time fathers love their daughters more than sons. So when daughters grew up, they seek love from men.
3. Men can do lot many things that women can’t do and these things are needed in day to day life. E.g. replacing the flat tire, cleaning the front yard real quick, cutting grass etc etc etc.
4. Women need men for sex.
5. Smell of men is intoxicating for women. I know same is true vice versa as well.
6. Men don’t sob easily. So when it is time to sob, women know at least their partner will remain sane.
7. Men turn a blind eye towards women’s favorite time-passes e.g. gossiping, shopping for sandals, taking hours for makeup. Had they been like us, they will be poking their nose in all the time. So despite sharing the same bed, each maintains their individuality.

When to end a relationship

Coming to think of it, it is a topic that no-one really wants to think about. Heck, when you start a relationship or when you are in a relationship, even thinking about when to end relationship is taboo. However if you like it or not, but in your mind you should always have certain criteria failing which there should be an immediate termination of relationship.

1. Cheating - In my dictionary cheating means immediate termination of relationship. You will always come across counselors who will talk about giving second chance and all that. However from experience I know once a cheater always a cheater. A cheater will always find tens of excuses to prove his innocence which exactly makes him a bigger lier.

2. Lack of time - If you notice continuous lack of time from your partner, it is time to start thinking about moving on. There may always be genuine reasons for lack of time, however nothing more is important in life than love. If your partner can find one hour time daily to go to gym, then indeed he can find the time for you.

3. Excessive arguments - Sure every relationship will always have some arguments. However if you two start arguing on thing as minor as what to cook in breakfast and why the other person went to bathroom first, it is time to move on.

4. Money matters - If you think your partner is using you all the time. Your partner never has enough money to pay for his beer, to pay for his car gas, to pay for his lunch, then he has turned into a loser. Who anyway wants to be with a loser?

5. Physical beating - If your partner starts harassing you physically, then you have to seriously think about moving. Your soul is far worth more important than how great your lover is in bed.

6. Lack of respect towards your basic rights - If your partner is abusive towards your language, your religion, your color, your parents, it is high time to get a partner who respects you as a human.

7. Common goals are changed - When you start a relationship, situation may have been different. But in due course of time common goals get changed. You may feel you love living in Houston, but your partner wants to move to Boston. Sure either change the goal or change the relationship.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Top 10 Cute Pickup Lines

Pickup lines come very handy, when you come across a woman for the first time in a crowded environment. Now all you have is a very few seconds to get her attention. You feed her a good line and lady is all over you. You commit a mistake with your words and you may even get slapped.

You are in a bar. You come across a gorgeous lady. You are out of words. All you need is a solid pickup line to seal the deal. Below are top 10 pickup lines that I have come across.
1. "Did you fall from heaven?” Girl asks "Why?” Boy says "Because you look like an angel”
2. This one is sweet. "If I can re-arrange the alphabet, I will put U & I together”
3. This one is a bit corny. "Do you have a library card? Because I am checking you out.”
4. "Do you have a quarter? I want to call my mom and thank her.” Such a sweet sissy boy.
5. This one is witty. "Hi, I am super computer working at whitepages. I have all the phone numbers in town. Somehow yours is missing. What’s your number?”
6. Hey, if I kiss you, will I get slapped?
7. Hello, you are the cheerleader for Lakers?
8. Hey, you ever had a guy follow you up for miles just because he loved your dimples?
9. Can I get your autograph please? Weren’t you the one who worked in The Beautiful Damsel movie?
10. I am new in this city. Can you give me the direction to your apartment please?

I am a personal witness of most of these lines. Indeed the creators of these lines always get rewarded with love and affection from all ladies.

How to Attract Women

I am sure this article will be universally loved by all men around the globe :) Such is the power of love. Below are a few tips that I can suggest to all males to help them in attracting females.

1. Don’t behave like a stray dog. It is the most important secret to rule a woman’s heart. You should not chase every skirt.
2. Make the woman you are hitting feel special. Again the key is point number 1. If you don’t go after every skirt, the one after you will go will feel special.
3. Don’t be a loud speaker: Most of the males enjoy bragging about women. They seem to think if they will speak in great detail about their past victories all women will drool upon them. From a woman point of view, it is a big no.
4. Don’t get scared of beauty. Most of the men get scared in talking to a beautiful woman. From a woman point of view, the one who is beautiful gets hit by very few men. So if you go after a beautiful woman, your selection probability is quite high.
5. Learn to accept rejection.
6. Have strength in your personality. All women in their heart wish for a dominant guy. This dominancy can be in form of looks, money, power, intellect or art. No one dreams about a common Joe. So all you got to do is take a skill that you have and package it in a way so that others think of you as an expert in your field.
7. Don’t brag about Sex, Sports, Drinks, Smoke and your friends.
8. Don’t expect a one night stand with 95% of the woman. The road to woman goes through her heart. Win the heart.
9. Show a level of possessiveness. Woman long for possessiveness. But don’t be an over jealous always suspecting cop.
10. Learn some humor. Learning the humor is probably one of the easiest things in the world. Still 90% men lack humor.

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