Monday, April 6, 2009

Terrible Reasons to Break-Up with Someone

A break-up is a very sad thing to happen to anyone. Every person has different reasons for a break-up; some reasons may be right while some may be very stupid.

Now here we will discuss some terrible reasons to break-up with someone.

1. Lack of trust

One of the main reasons for a break-up is the lack of trust. A relationship can only be successful if there is trust and understanding between the partners.

2. Attraction towards someone else

Sometimes people also have a break-up because their partners tend to be attracted to someone else. If you find that someone else is more attractive and understanding that your current partner, then you would obviously want to have a break-up.

3. Abusive relationships

There is absolutely no point at all staying in an abusive relationship. If your partner physically, emotionally or mentally abuses you then it is no use staying put in that relationship. Leave that relationship immediately.

4. Loss of interest in the partner

Many couples lose interest in their partners, not only sexually, but also as a friend. If you can not talk to your significant other, it is definitely time to break up.

5. No future together

Relationships without a future are a train-wreck waiting to happen. If you want to be friends with benefits it is fine. But if you want a real relationship but do not have a future together then it is better to leave such a relationship.

6. Lack of time for each other

If your partner spends a large percentage of their time in the company of others rather than in your company then it is probably time to say goodbye. Many relationships break because partners no longer have the adequate time for each other.

7. Relationship turns sour

A relationship turns sour and cold when the partners fall out of love with each other. They no longer tend to enjoy the company of each other. Couples have a break-up because they no longer find the same charm, love and passion in their relationships.

8. Unfaithfulness

One of the main reasons for a break-up is unfaithfulness. Love is not the only thing that is needed to establish a relationship. Other factors like trust, respect, common interests, compatibility, understanding, co-operation, respect and passion are also needed.

9. Lack of appreciation and neglecting each others feelings

Relationships also break due to lack of appreciations for each others efforts and neglecting each others feelings. If you are facing these problems in your relationship then it is better for you to have a break-up.

These are some of the most terrible reasons for having a break-up with someone.


Jenny said...

I'm confused. What you've posted sound more like 'all the reasons you should leave a relationship'...

Cameron B Sharpe said...

I am so thrilled to read about this topic, especially since it evolves around my issue, not just this time, but time after time. So many of my relationships ended with me hanging on far too long, trying to convince a guy to stay, either through sex, or just turning a blind eye to the “no”, hanging on for months and months, making a fool out of myself,desperately.

anastacia_macias said...

i am also confused,it seems the resons posted are great reasons to break up with someone,not "terribe"
why is it so terrible to break up with someone for their unfaithfulness?

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