Monday, June 8, 2009

Teen Dating and the Violence

Teen dating violence is increasing day by day. Dating violence can be described as the physical, emotional or verbal abuse or violence of one partner by the other partner. Being in a relationship where you have to go through such kind of abuse can be very traumatizing.

Many teens that experience such instances are either scared by their partners or love them so much that they can not gather the courage to report about this. Dating violence make take place in male ad female relationships and also in lesbian and gay relationships.

Such kind of abuse in a relationship might take place because one might be jealous, insecure or too possessive. Such relationships are often very difficult to cope up with. It is often believed that physical violence only happens between married couples, but in reality it is not so. Violence can also happen between people who are dating or are in any kind of a love affair.

Dating violence can be of mainly three types:

1.Physical dating violence
This type of dating violence often causes physical pain and discomfort to person who experiences it. It may be in the form of kicking, slapping, punching, shaking, holding very hard, pushing, pulling and biting. Sometimes partners who physically abuse their lovers can even use harmful weapons like knife, belts, gun or any such weapon. Any physical act may, it may be kissing or hugging is also considered to be an abuse if it is unwanted or not desired.

2.Emotional and verbal abuse
When a person is emotionally abused then he or she suffers from a low self esteem and shame. Verbal and emotional abuse can be in the form of repeated lies and broken promises. Sometimes intense jealously can also cause one partner to abuse the other. Many people also suffer from let downs and insults from their partners when they are among friends. Extreme possessiveness in the form of controlling each and every move of your partner from dressing to eating can also cause emotional stress.

3.Sexual Abuse
Any type of unwanted sexual advance or contact comes under sexual abuse. These days many young teens suffer from sexual abuse which emotional shatters them. Sexual violence can also include any kissing, touching, intercourse and sexual comments that are made without the other partner's consent. Sometimes such forced sexual intercourse is also known as "date Rape".

If you are dating a person who makes you suffer from all these assaults, you should immediately seek the protection of local police, family or friends.


cool guy said...

Possesiveness is love and control is a part of possesiveness but getting cruel in making love is wrong. by 9039199606

Akshay said...

hey i also did the same i told her to fck of frm my should i cnvince her

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