Friday, August 29, 2008

Why do women love men ?

Indeed it is a tough question for ladies. Men are so different and while talking among us, rarely we talk anything good about men’s habits. Talk about their love for beer, brawl, football, urinating with commode lid on almost all the things men do are irritating. Still women love men. Below are a few points that I can think about. If you know more feel free to add.

1. They are different. We all know opposite attracts. If I have to go for a vacation, I will rather go to Africa or Japan instead of going to say San Francisco. People love to do things which they can’t do naturally / don’t possess naturally. Since men are so different, it is prime reason women love men.
2. Father Figure – Since childhood all women adore their fathers. Liking is natural, because most of the time fathers love their daughters more than sons. So when daughters grew up, they seek love from men.
3. Men can do lot many things that women can’t do and these things are needed in day to day life. E.g. replacing the flat tire, cleaning the front yard real quick, cutting grass etc etc etc.
4. Women need men for sex.
5. Smell of men is intoxicating for women. I know same is true vice versa as well.
6. Men don’t sob easily. So when it is time to sob, women know at least their partner will remain sane.
7. Men turn a blind eye towards women’s favorite time-passes e.g. gossiping, shopping for sandals, taking hours for makeup. Had they been like us, they will be poking their nose in all the time. So despite sharing the same bed, each maintains their individuality.

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