Monday, August 25, 2008

How to Attract Women

I am sure this article will be universally loved by all men around the globe :) Such is the power of love. Below are a few tips that I can suggest to all males to help them in attracting females.

1. Don’t behave like a stray dog. It is the most important secret to rule a woman’s heart. You should not chase every skirt.
2. Make the woman you are hitting feel special. Again the key is point number 1. If you don’t go after every skirt, the one after you will go will feel special.
3. Don’t be a loud speaker: Most of the males enjoy bragging about women. They seem to think if they will speak in great detail about their past victories all women will drool upon them. From a woman point of view, it is a big no.
4. Don’t get scared of beauty. Most of the men get scared in talking to a beautiful woman. From a woman point of view, the one who is beautiful gets hit by very few men. So if you go after a beautiful woman, your selection probability is quite high.
5. Learn to accept rejection.
6. Have strength in your personality. All women in their heart wish for a dominant guy. This dominancy can be in form of looks, money, power, intellect or art. No one dreams about a common Joe. So all you got to do is take a skill that you have and package it in a way so that others think of you as an expert in your field.
7. Don’t brag about Sex, Sports, Drinks, Smoke and your friends.
8. Don’t expect a one night stand with 95% of the woman. The road to woman goes through her heart. Win the heart.
9. Show a level of possessiveness. Woman long for possessiveness. But don’t be an over jealous always suspecting cop.
10. Learn some humor. Learning the humor is probably one of the easiest things in the world. Still 90% men lack humor.


Rajasekaran said...

I attracted a beautiful girl a few months ago in a public place.She tried to talk to me but I cannot understand.Still I am waiting for her where I found and lost her.Will I and she met again? As a girl point of view please give me the answer as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

This article's name should be "How to attract a woman of your dreams" and not "How to attract women". If you want to simply attract women you don't need many of these points, as they mostly just teach you how to build a successful relationship with ONE girl (woman) NOT MANY (women). The two things are very different!

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