Thursday, December 4, 2008

Best Tips for Getting a Girl's Phone Number

Getting a girl's phone number is the most difficult problem that every guy tends to face. If you really like a girl and want to know her in a better way then it is very essential for you to get her contact number. Through her contact number you can easily get to know her in a better way.

Here we will give you some best tips for getting a girl's phone number in the most tactful manner.

1.Be very realistic
In order to get a girl's phone number you have to behave in a very realistic manner. Always hope for the best but expect the worst. May be the girl you are attracted to already have a boyfriend or may be if she does not have one, even then she might refuse you her contact number. Always prepare your self for such situations.

2.Try to get her interested in you
A girl will never give you her phone number unless and until she is also attracted to your personality. If you want to succeed in getting the contact number of the girl you like, then try to get her interested in you. There are various ways to get a girl interested in you, so choose the best way that would be most suitable in your situation.

3.Try to behave in a friendly manner
In order to receive a girl's number, try to smile and maintain eye contact with her. If you like a girl, then smile at her, smiling always sends a friendly message. Also try making eye contact with her, this will tell her that you are truly interested in her.

4.Introduce yourself to her
Before making any friendly approaches towards a girl, try to introduce yourself to her. You can also get yourself introduced through common friends or acquaintances. Do not make the introduction very formal. Just use your name and ask her for the same.

5.Try to compliment her
Try to win her over by some flattery and compliments. A girl will only give you her phone number if she truly likes you. Be very polite and creative while praising her. You can praise her for her looks, dressing sense or intelligence.

6.Do not ask for the phone number, let her give it to you
Asking a girl for her phone number is often considered to be very rude. If the girl you like is truly impressed by your qualities, then she will give you her personal number on her own accord.

These are some very foolproof ways of getting a girl's phone number

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