Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Tips for Proposing On New Year's Day

New Year's Eve is the most ideal time when you can express all your desires and feelings to the one you love the most. New Year's Day is a very symbolic day, it is a day of new beginnings, to make resolutions you fully intend to keep and to cherish the fact that a new year lies ahead of you.

New Year is the perfect time to propose your beloved because on this day romance is surely in the air. Here we will give you some amazing tips for proposing on New Year's Day.

1.Prepare a speech
Prepare a speech on this day for your beloved. Express all your feelings and desires in this speech. When it comes to take life changing decisions, one has to plan from before. Tell your beloved that she is the only one for you.

2.Look for a special place to go
Pick somewhere especially wonderful to go for New Year's Eve. Take the full advantage of the New Year's Eve and book a very expensive and exquisite restaurant. Your girl would surely receive a pleasant surprise when you will ask her to marry you on this day.

3.Kiss your beloved at midnight
Kiss your girlfriend as the clock strikes midnight. Get her completely alone; away from others who may distract her if friends have somehow managed to join you. But make sure that she does not get to know about your secret proposal.

4.Propose her after mid night
Start the proposal shortly after midnight. Postponing it too late in the evening can create an awkward moment if either of you get too tired for you to go through with it. Consider getting down on bended knee right after the midnight kiss.

5.Express all your feelings and desires to her
Express all your feelings and desires to her, tell her how much special she is for you. Speak straight from the heart. Let her know how much you love her and how much you want to marry her.

6.Pull out the ring during your speech
During the proposal speech, pull out the ring and stay on one knee only. This would really make her admire your efforts. Be calm as you present her with the ring. Finish your speech by kissing her hand and wait for her reaction.

7.Share the good news with everyone
When your girl says yes, hold her in your arms and kiss her again. Go to all the New Year's parties that all your friends are having, showing off the ring and celebrating your great news.

These are some best tips for proposing your beloved on New Year's Day.

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