Monday, December 1, 2008

Wonderful Ways on How a Lady Should Dress up For the First Date

Dressing up is a very important part of a date. If you really want to impress the man you are dating then dress-up in the most sensuous and elegant way. Be very confident and wear something in which you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Now let us discuss some ways on how a girl should dress up for her first date.

1.Dress according to the event
You should always dress according to the event. Ask your man about the date from before, whether you will need park clothes, beachwear, an urban dinner outfit or rock-climbing gear. These things will help you in dressing up in the appropriate manner.

2.Always wear clothes that suit your figure
A girl should always wear clothes that suits are body type. Do not ever wear too figure hugging or too revealing clothes on your first date. This can give a wrong impression to your partner. Wear only those clothes in which you feel comfortable and relaxed.

3.Dress up elegantly
Be very particular about the clothes you wear for your first date. A little black dress, silver jewelry and an exotic shawl could be stylish and sophisticated. Pastels, gingham or soft lines suggest softness. Tie-dye can be fun or whimsical.

4.Think about your comfort
Do not ever wear clothes that are very stylish and modern but not at all comfortable. Stiletto heels, new styles or a skimpy skirt may make you uncomfortable and distract you from your date. So be very careful about these things.

5.Your hair style and make-up also counts
Do not only worry about your dress and shoes, but think about your make-up and hair style also. Make a hair style that best suits on you; it may be a bun, open hair or hair tied in a pony. Be sure to put on some light make-up including lipstick, mascara and a little bit of eye shadow.

6.Keep your outfit simple yet adorable
Keep your outfit simple and do not overdress for the occasion. If you are going out to see a movie, then wear jeans or a skirt and a nice top. Try to keep yourself simple yet lovely.

7.Always aim for light colors
Neutral colors, classic styles and great accessories are always comfortable, especially if you do not know your destination.

8.Do not feel conscious
If you are wearing a dress or a mini-skirt for the first time then do not feel conscious because this will distract you from your date. Do not engage in settling your dress after every few minutes.

These are some of the dressing tips you should follow if you want to have a memorable first date experience.

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