Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is She Flirting? Top 10 flirting tricks that women use

To understand a woman is not everyone’s cup of tea. However to assist you to understand how to recognize if a woman is flirting, I will spill out my personal secrets. Below are top 10 flirting tricks that I use when I am in flirting mood.

1. Giggling and smiling unnecessary: If you are in a group and while talking a girl is smiling and giggling all the time even on your most stupid remarks, it sure is a sign of big time flirting.
2. Gazing at you and when caught, pretending as if looking at some one else: Dude you got a shy girl in your hand. She likes you, but feeling a bit shy. Be a man. Go, talk her.
3. In a party, she is brushing against you by mistake: She is trying to get a chance to talk to you. Give her the chance?
4. In a conversation with you, she is taking too much of interest: She is showing interest in even listening to talks of silly activities of your friend’s father’s mate. So basically she is giving you full attention and obviously flirting with you.
5. While maintaining eye contact with you, she is playing with her hair, unknowingly cleansing her face; all this shows a visible sign of nervousness leading towards flirting sign.
6. Unsure about eye contact: While talking to you, if she is unsure about her eye contact, it sure is a big sign that she is interested in you, but she doesn’t want to be leveled as a too fast girl.
7. She is giving you a cute look again and again. Go speak up and initiate a conversation.
8. In a bar, deserting her friends, she comes and sits next to you and does not order any drink for her. It’s a sign for you to ask her a drink.
9. Doing weird things to get your notice: A few girls do crazy things to get noticed. If she is walking by you and by mistake glass sips out of her hand, at times it may signify she is trying to flirt with you.
10. Making soft insults at you: If you are being imitated by a girl, it may be a sign that she is trying to grab your attention.

So guys now you know what to do, when you come across a giggling, smiling, insulting girl in a party. Enjoy!


romeo said...

Great Flirting tricks for any occasion.

Rajasekaran said...

It is the first time I hearing about flirting tricks of women by woman.

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