Thursday, November 27, 2008

Magical Tips for Handling Rejection from Women

Handling rejection can be a very difficult part in the life of any individual. Rejection is an inevitable part of life and we all experience it in some form or the other. If you handle potential and actual rejection then you have an advantage in the dating scene.

Now we will discuss some amazing tips to handle rejection from women.

1. Be sincere and truthful
Women like to feel special and they love compliments. However, they will quickly pick up on it if you are not being truthful. Avoid pick-up lines and standard phrases. Instead set the target for being personable and charming.

2. Be cool and confident
It is often a very difficult task to engage in conversation with a stranger. But you should never loose your confidence. Be very calm and collected. Put your best foot forward and have a charming smile.

3. Follow the hints of improvement
If a woman has rejected you then she will give you some reason for her decision. She would also give you some hints for improvements. Try to listen to these hints and take some time for self examination if you continued to be rejected for the same reasons.

4. Be very particular about what you want from your partner
Many men seek extremely beautiful women while others want their women to posses a great body or have great intelligence. Be very realistic and first consider what you want from a relationship before asking any girl for a date.

5. Give a good first impression
You should aim for leaving a good impression regardless of how and by whom you were turned down. Upholding a polite and civil image can only benefit you. Those who experience your response to rejection will think highly of you and you will probably feel better about yourself afterwards.

6. Do not take the rejection personally
If you want to be successful in dating scenario then you need to shrug of rejection with ease and move on. There is no reason to dwell on a negative response to your advances, just go for someone else instead.

7. Get involved with your friends and family
Another way of handling rejection in the right way is to get involved with your family members and friends. If one woman has rejected you then that does not mean you will never get a girlfriend. Rejection leaves more scope for improvement. Learn from your mistakes that do not indulge for self in drugs and alcohol.

These are some of the most magical tips from handling rejection from women. By following these suggestions you would surely get a beautiful and life long relationship.

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