Friday, September 26, 2008

Common Dating Mistakes That Men Make

In any relationship it is very common among dating couples to make some or the other mistake. Most of these mistakes are avoidable but in some cases they become the very base of destroying a relationship. Surveys conducted all around the world prove that a large percentage of these mistakes are made by guys and not by girls.

So let us now look into the most common mistakes that men tend to make on their dates:
  • One of the worst dating mistakes that a man can make is turning up late for his date. Some men adopt this tactic to gain importance but it is proven that this is the dumbest mistake that any man can make; it really annoys a woman to wait for his date sitting alone.
  • Another common mistake that most men make is that they are too self-occupied, instead of concentrating on their date they tend to talk mostly about themselves, it is considered as bad manners if one dominates the conversation and ignores the other person completely.
  • Physical appearance is surely a plus point in attracting any girl, but one also has to take care of their personal hygiene. One should be careful of bad body odor, yellow teeth, dirty clothes and poor table manners.
  • Most women hate men who are show offs, but men make this common mistake of acting too rich than they really are. Women love style and luxury but cheaters and liars are not at all accepted by them.
  • Some men talk about their ex-girlfriends or wives most of the time, this really hurts a women, because they want the concentration of that man on them and not on something that has happened in his previous life.
  • Another common mistake is acting too needy and desperate; men should not be too physical on their first few dates because this act gives an impression to the women that they are only dating them for pleasure and not for love.
  • Men try to act as if they are superior to women; some men try to force their views on the women they are dating and want that women to do everything according to their wish. Most of the women dislike men of such nature because they are free individuals and have every right to live according to their own hopes and aspirations.
  • And last but not the least sometimes men become too possessive. They stop their women from even talking to another guy. Women hate this attitude because this gives them a feeling of being possessed.
Hence a man should try his level best to avoid making these mistakes on his date to maintain a good loving relationship with their partner on a long-term basis.

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