Friday, September 26, 2008

How to Keep a Boyfriend in Love with You

Men are very easily distracted. If their girlfriend starts sounding too monotonous and becomes too boring then they would probably leave her. So in order to keep the spark alive in your relationship you should constantly make efforts to make him happy. Your boyfriend will never consider leaving you if you love and care for him the same way he does for you.

Keeping a boyfriend in love with you is a very easy task; you just need to follow some important tips and then you could be sure that your boyfriend will always remain yours.
  • One of the easiest things that a girl could do is to praise him from time to time. Boys like compliments the same way girls do. So to make them feel special keep telling them how sexy they look or compliment them about their looks and clothes they are wearing.
  • Always keep on reminding him how much you love and need him. Tell him that he is the most special person in your life and that no one else could ever take his or her place.
  • You can write long expressive letters or poems for him and leave them in a place where they could easily find them. You can also indulge in writing small sweet notes and leave then in their wallets.
  • It is always said, "a man's stomach is a way to his heart". So try cooking some exotic dishes for him and surprise him by setting a candle light dinner for two when he comes back from work.
  • Cuddle around him while you two watch television or are out on a movie date. This will give them comfort and warmth.
  • Cater to all his needs. Try to take out quality time for him on week ends and even on week days. Consider taking a long vacation together, this will help you to get closer to him.
  • If your boyfriend has some bad habit, do not be too harsh on him, instead you can talk to him about it in a cool manner, which will help him to understand your point of view, and it would also make him get rid of that habit.
  • Give him small gifts on regular basis. Buy things for him that he wants or likes the most. This will make him aware of the fact that you know really well about the things he likes and dislikes the most.
  • Call him when he is out of town on a business meeting and ask him about the progress and proceedings of this work. This will help in removing some of his stress and would make him feel fresh.
So if you really want to rekindle the romance with your lover once again follow these tips to get the desired results. These tips would surely bring you closer to him and make him realize that how much you love him.


Lokiheed said...

I've got no idea how I landed here.....but hey...what the heck....anyways read your article or pointers.....whatever you call it.

Just wanted to let you know all this points that you wrote are more like reversed engineered from our side of maintenance...he he...

jaison Williams said...

I have an another and that is "Let him have control of the remote control. Don't monopolize it for a change. Just give it to him and let him actually sit there and enjoying watching one of his shows. Then you can share one of his interests by watching it with him."

Anonymous said...

Bleh... I don't understand.. I've done nothing but that from the very start.. My friends say he's an ass and he's not worth it, but I really like him!

Tsunami Mommy said...

Bahahahaha this is such bullshit. It sounds smothering. Give a man space, respect, sex and food... and dont nag . You'll be good

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