Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations

A honey moon is the most cherished and awaited holiday in the life of every married couple. A mesmerizing and exquisite honeymoon can help create wonderful memories which are remembered for rest of their life. So in order to make this holiday a once in a life time experience one should be very particular about their honey moon destination.

So to make the task easier we provide you with information about the top 10 honeymoon destinations around the world.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is one of the most glamorous cities of the world with attractions like impressive casinos, world class honey moon hotels, glimmering night life and romantic gondola rides. This place is a complete package providing everything that a couple would want on their honeymoon.

2. Hawaii, USA
Hawaii is the ultimate honey moon destination for any married couple. It has exotic beaches, beautiful islands, clear water falls and great weather. You can also take a cruise to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

3. Venice, Italy
It is the most romantic city of Italy, from rides along the canal to breathtaking architecture of St. Mark’s square it provides you with all the delicacies of life. Every meal here is a feast for the senses and the medley of classical Italian songs will surely entertain you through out the trip.

4. Paris, France
Often called “The city of lights”, Paris is quite popular owing to its superb wines, culinary pleasures and rich heritage. It has picturesque locations and lovely architectures which would surely help in creating a memorable experience for you.

5. Seychelles
Located far off the coast of Africa, it is known for its paradise like islands, white powdery beaches, warm azure water, top class honey moon resorts and rejuvenating spas. Seychelles is an ideal place for spending some quality time with your loved one in privacy and seclusion.

6. Bahamas
Bahamas is a stunning 100,000 square mile archipelago made up of 700 islands. You can enjoy the beautiful tropical sun and some of the clearest waters or pass out on the beach with ease and comfort. One of the main attractions of this place is its enormous tax benefits.

7. Mauritius
It is the world’s most magical honey moon destination. Mauritius is famous for its white sand beaches, deep blue lagoons, nature reserves and wildlife parks. You can experience the most mouth watering dishes, traditional dancing and wonderful nightlife which would make it a unique honeymoon destination for you.

8. Barbados
Barbados is a lovely island in Caribbean. Its white sand beaches, unmatched tranquil atmosphere, colorful culture, exotic dishes and outstanding scenery allures the honey moon couples from all around the world.

9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Nature lovers will especially enjoy this land of tropical paradise with sparkling blue water, extinct volcanoes, turquoise lagoons and varieties of recreational activities filled with trill and adventures.

10. Vienna, Austria
Vienna is Austria’s capital and home of Romanesque, Baroque and classical architecture. It has sumptuous restaurants and great historical monuments. This place is so enthralling that you will enjoy every minute of your stay to the fullest.

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Starkplug said...

Vegas is not a good honeymoon destination, good for benders and gambling your life away though. This is an awesome top ten list. You should post this on my buddy's site

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