Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seduction Techniques

Remember the famous lines of Roxette from Seduce Me Song?

You seduce me
You take my heart and use me
My feelings all run wild
when you seduce me all the time
when you seduce me all the time
you seduce me all the time
you seduce me...

Seduction is an art and not many people perfect it. If you try too hard, it may back-fire and you may be termed as cheap. If you try too soft, it may not leave the desired effect and you may not achieve your objective. Below are a few excellent seduction tips.

1. Speak with eyes: Drum rolls pls. Here is the mother of all seduction tricks. Look directly into eyes of your lover and let the gaze stay for a few seconds more than necessary. It speaks that you can’t have enough of your lover. Also make sure that you are looking not below the face.

2. Ambiance: If you are trying to seduce, don’t be cheap. Take your date to most costly restaurant in town. Treat her with excellent music and dinner.

3. Preparation: It never hurts to know everything about your date in advance. Sometimes gifting a red rose (favorite of your date) may act as best seduction technique.

4. Metrosexual man: Be a trendy metro sexual man. Most of the women admire metro sexual men.

5. Portray yourself as perfect Marriage Material: All girls share a secret typology for a man, which is a perfect Marriage Material Man. Definition is quite obvious, on a date act like she is your princess. Take care of her slightest of the need and by the end of date, she may melt in your arms.

6. Use proper colognes and perfumes: For most of women, bad odor is a big turn off. At the same time, good odor is a big turn on. So be very selective while selecting perfumes and colognes.

7. Work on your dress and personality: Carry your personality with grace. Sure you are trying to seduce a princess then you have to act as a knight.

8. Don’t let go any chance of making a body touch. It can be as subtle as holding the palms and caressing it.

1 comment:

eran_wcr said...

Lord help us Lauren, your advise is good for gold diggers who want a manslave, NOT women with self-respect who want a strong man who will love & respect them for who they are.

I'm guessing you don't really know much about, nor understand men really that well, based on your advice here.

I find it hard to believe you are a counselor - certainly you can't be a good one if this is indicative of your advice to men...

Point #2 - ambiance... suitable only for gold-diggers. Imagine if I wrote a similar article to this, but from the man's perspective, and suggested guys plan for sex and expect it on the initial date/s...?

I'd get boo'ed & hissed at by 99.99999% of all the women who read it, but here you are recommending guys not be cheap and take her to the most costly restaurant in town!

It never worked for me when I was young & dumb enough to try it, but as soon as I gave that crap advice the miss and just went with being myself and meeting for a coffee, my success in dating skyrocketed!

A nice low-cost picnic in a park with a single rose and some great fun conversation will be as seductive (if not moreso) than any expensive night at a restaurant, and it's low cost...

Most women DON'T admire a metrosexual man. SOME women do, MANY don't. Often, its the ones who are closet (or overt) gold diggers who do, because they assume a guy who spends lots of money on his appearance will spend lots on her...

As for "perfect marriage material"... what a LOAD of CRAP Lauren. You MUST be sniffing coke if you think guys will do this. MOST men DON'T want to be married UNTIL they meet Ms Right, and she's just as elusive as Mr Right is for most women.

I recommend you stop giving advice on a subject you obviously know NOTHING about Lauren, and focus on learning how men REALLY think. THEN AND only THEN, might you be capable of offering some quality advice.

Until then, stop trying to confuse and mis-advise the poor men & women out there who genuinely need help finding true love.

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