Thursday, November 6, 2008

Drawbacks of dating your colleagues

Dating a co-worker is a very dangerous thing. It is often better not to date your colleague. This will create unnecessary problems in your professional as well as personal life. There are many reasons for not dating a co-worker. While some people may think dating a co-worker is a very wild and thrilling idea while but for it creates an awkward working environment.

Here we will discuss some of the main disadvantages of dating your co-worker.

1.Creates an awkward working environments
Dating with a co-worker can create a very awkward working environment for you. Some peoples find it very difficult to concentrate on their work if they are working with their lovers. Conversing and discussing problems related with work can also become a difficult task. If one is involved with their co-worker then they will spend a greater part of their office time, discussing and solving personal problems.

2.It can involve harassment
Facing harassment by superiors or co-workers is a very common thing in professional organizations. If you are dating your co-worker then these possibilities will increase. Your partner may also complain about you to the superiors of the organization if you do not behave properly with them. Relationship with a colleague creates many problems in your professional as well as personal life.

3.Dating a co-worker will also effect your image in the office
Dating your co-worker not only affects your relationship with one person but it also changes your image in front of every office member. If your relationship is out then all your co-workers will make awkward remarks at you, this will create a very uncomfortable environment for you at your work place. Your co-workers may also feel jealous or irritate of you because of your relationship with another co-worker.

4.Keep the reality in mind
If you have a break up with your co-worker then it would be very difficult for you to work in the same office. One should always try to keep their professional life separate from their personal life. Every one has to deal with this situation, so you should make sure that your break up does not affect your professional life with that person. Behave with them very normally and politely.

5.Differences between the co-workers
Relationship between a superior and a subordinate is a very complicated relationship. If you receive a promotion and your partner does not then this will create many problems and differences in your relationship, it may also lead one to blackmail the other partner.

So dating a co-worker is never a good idea. Always avoid getting romantically involved with a colleague.

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