Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Foolproof Tactics for Making Your Guy Jealous

What makes a woman jealous may not necessarily bother a man. Women and men are completely different beings and so they have different views and characteristics. So if you want to make a guy jealous you have to adapt a completely new set of tactics and techniques.

Now let us discuss some amazing tips for a making a guy jealous in the most creative ways.

1. Have fun with other men
If you like a guy very much and want to make him jealous in order to attract him towards yourself, then learn to have fun with other guys. Get out there with your friends ad start doing things that would really make him jealous. Watch movies; go for parties and enjoy exotic dinners.

2. Flirt with other guys
Flirt with other guys. Nothing drives guys crazy so much as when a girl they are interested in or involved with flirts with other guys. Most men are incredibly competitive by nature, and if other guys appear to like you, even a guy who would not notice you before may take interest in you now.

3. Date someone else
One of the most successful tips for making a guy jealous is to date someone else. Try to date a guy who is good looking and very rich.

4. Avoid him for some days
Another way of making a guy jealous is to avoid him for some days. Do not attend any of his calls or reply to his messages. If you will follow these tactics then your guy would surely realize your true worth in his life.

5. Try to look more beautiful
Lose weight or get a makeover if necessary. A guy would not be jealous unless he wants what someone else does. Unfortunately, this may mean you have to change yourself a little to accomplish your goal of making him jealous.

6. Keep your calendar full
Throw yourself into your hobbies or spend time with friends. Keep your calendar full. Attend a lot of parties and social events. Spend some lovely moments with your friends. This would surely make your guy jealous.

7. Do not cry over small things
If you really want your guy to realize your importance in his life then do not plead, do not beg, do not cry and do not reveal everything to him. Do not always be available for him. Leave him alone for sometime, while you have a blast with your male friends.

8. Have confidence in yourself
Confidence is a turn on for most guys and if you have it that could make them jealous if they are not dating you yet.

These are some of the amazing tips that you should follow if you want to make a guy jealous.

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