Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thrilling Ways to Make a Woman Jealous

Often many guys tend to make their girlfriends or wives jealous in order to grab their attention or to know how much their beloved loves them. A guy generally does it to maintain control over his girlfriend or to make an indifferent girl whom he likes feel attraction for him.

Here we will discuss some amazing tips to make a woman jealous.

1. Have a good sense of humor
Have a great sense of humor, act cool, dress in trendy clothing and be surrounded by many friends. Women who are not close to you might feel jealousy. This is one of the best ways to make the women you like jealous and frustrated.

2. Date another woman
The best way to make your women jealous is to go on a date with some other women. By following this tactic you can surly get the attention of a girl you like or the girl who has just dumped you for another guy.

3. Become an outstanding achiever
Become an outstanding achiever in something that is valued by others. This can be sports or academics. If you take the academics route, ensure that you do not become nerdy or you would not be able to generate jealousy in women.

4. Try to avoid her for some days
Another have of making a woman jealous is to ignore her for some days. If you are giving her unnecessary attention then stop it. By doing it suddenly she might think you have become interested in someone else. This works even more if she is already your girlfriend.

5. Try to flirt with other girls
Flirt with other women. Be sure to do this naturally. Otherwise, women might realize what you are up to and you might make enemies of them or even ruin your chances for a relationship not only for the potential girlfriend, but for the other women too.

6. Make beautiful girls your friends
You can also make a woman jealous by getting acquainted with girls who are very beautiful or talented. Invite your friend to your house and introduce her to your woman. Even if you just introduce that girl as your friend, your girlfriend will surely feel some jealousy and would become more protective of you.

7. Do not always be available at all times
Another way of making your women jealous is to have fun and entertainment with your friends and family. Do not always be around her all the time. This will make her miss you and realize your importance.

Follow these amazing tips if you want to make your women jealous.

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