Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best Tips for Planning a Perfect New Year's Eve with Your Love Mate

New Year is the best period during which you can share some quality time with your near and dear ones. Some people might want to celebrate this occasion by partying all the night long, while some may prefer to have a quieter celebration.

If you want to spend this New Year's Eve with your lover then here are some excellent tips for planning a perfect New Year's Eve with your love mate.

1.Take New Year Resolutions together
You can play a friendly game with your lover about making New Year's resolutions. Make a New Year resolution and tell your partner to do the same. After both of you have decided your resolutions, discuss them and tell your partner the reason for choosing them as your resolutions.

2.Organize a themed party
To make your New Year more entertaining and fun filled you can organize a themed party for your family and close friends. Think about different ways in which you can plan this bash. Be very creative and unique. Be well organized, order some excellent food and an expensive champagne for mid night celebrations.

3.Mid night church service
If you really want to keep your New Year's Eve celebrations simple, then try attending a mid night church service with your beloved. Take part in the Church's activities and sing Christmas carols. This would be an ideal way to spend the New Year's Eve with your love mate.

4.Plan a New Year Holiday trip
There are thousands of places across the globe where New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit. Book a trip exclusively for you and you lover to any such place. Think about celebrating a wonderful New Year in these exotic locations that would surely help you to have a memorable experience.

5.Plan a New Year's dinner for your lover
If both of you do not feel like going any where out then help each other to organize a wonderful candle light dinner at home. If you do not feel like cooking then order the food from an expensive restaurant. Set the mood by decorating your house with candles. Put on some lovely music and practice some intimate moves with your lover.

6.Share a kiss at mid night
Make your self cozy with each other. When the clock strikes mid night, hold your beloved and share an intimate kiss with them under the stars and the fireworks. This would surely be a memorable experience for both of you.

Follow these best tips for planning the perfect New Year's Eve with your love mate.

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