Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Separate Love from Lust

Love and lust are two completely different things. But many of us often confuse love for lust. While love is feeling of complete purity and trust, lust is the feeling of greed. There are many terms related with love like attraction, infatuation, liking, crush and lust. On should always try to separate love from all the others in order to have a successful relationship with their partner.

Now, let us discuss some ways to separate the feeling of love from the feeling of lust.

1.Think very clearly
In order to separate love from trust, one has to think really carefully. Love is something that needs to grow and be nurtured. First think of how long you have been in the relationship, and then think that were you really in love when you entered that relationship or was it just infatuation that made you do it. Be very sure about all these things.

2.Evaluate the base of your relationship
Before coming to any conclusion about a relationship, you should first evaluate the base of your relation. When you are in love, you usually love every part about being with your partner, from talking to them for hours on the phone to enjoying a mutual activity together, but in lust, usually the common bond is sex. So, if your strongest tie is your sexual relationship, then rethink about the relationship.

3.Try to figure out the best qualities of your partner
If you really want to separate love and lust in your relationship then you need to examine your favorite things about your partner. Think about things that attract you to them, whether it is their humor, their caring nature, their attitude towards life, their confidence, their passion or their physical appearance. If you are in love with only your partner's sexuality and sexual traits then you are most probably in lust. Focusing on physical attraction is not the basis to true love.

4.Think about your partner's wants
Love is always a two way process. A couple needs to love each other with the same passion and understanding. Think about your partner's wants and requirements in the relationship. If your partner's requirements are only the fulfillment of their sexual needs and wants then it is likely that you have entered a relationship that is based on lust.

5.Can you spend the rest of your life with your partner
Before deciding that whether you are in a love or a lust relationship, first try to ask yourself the most important question. Can you spend your whole life with your partner? If you say yes without hesitating, then it is love, but if you hesitate even for a minute then be sure that you are in lust.

These are some foolproof ways to separate love from lust in a relationship.

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