Friday, January 16, 2009

Suggestions to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway with Your Partner

To add spark and spice in your relationship, you need to do something different and unique once in a while. Romantic weekend getaways are the best ways to make your love life fresh and exciting. These getaways would also make you stress free and healthy.

So, now let us discuss some suggestions for planning a romantic weekend getaway with your partner.
  1. Set up a date with your partner. Check with your partner for a weekend when they are free to make sure there is plenty of time for romance.
  2. Go for camping together. This would be an ideal time to spend some romantic and pleasurable moments together. In this trip you can also enjoy some adventurous sports and activities.
  3. Think about your partner. You should design your weekend with your partner in mind. Think about what they would like and what they would dislike.
  4. Plan this romantic getaway exclusively for your partner and yourself. If you have smaller kids then make arrangements for them to stay at some relative's house, but if they are big then tell your neighbors to check them once or twice.
  5. Plan activities. You should leave your romantic getaway fairly laid-back with lots of free time, but avoid getting bored by choosing one or two fun things to do together and purchasing tickets in advance.
  6. Make the arrangements well ahead of time. You will need time to actually make the arrangements. Account for transportation. Book a flight, get bus or train tickets or rent a car in order to get to your holiday spot. You should also book a hotel much in advance.
  7. Make a list of all the necessary things that you might need during the vacation like swim suits, sun tans, camera and other stuff.
  8. Make dinner reservations. For a romantic getaway, consider calling ahead to some fancy places to eat instead of searching for food joints when you get there.
  9. Make arrangements for your home. When you are leaving your home for your romantic weekend, make sure to have a house sitter or pet sitter in place. Make sure your mail, lawn and other responsibilities are taken care of.
  10. Pack your entire luggage in a proper manner. Always remember to take clothing like gowns and dresses (for women) and formal shirts and suits (for men) for special dinners and fancy events.
  11. Plan every thing according to your stay. A romantic weekend can only be enjoyed to the fullest if it is planned properly.
These are some suggestions to plan a romantic weekend getaway with your partner.

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