Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Know You Are Dating a Momma's Boy

Most women tend to date a momma's boy at one point of their lives. Some may even marry such guys. But it is often very difficult to recognize whether you are dating a momma's boy or not. Be very sure about that man before you enter into a relationship.

Here we will provide you some tips that would surely help you to know whether you are dating a momma's boy.

1.He is an adult but still calls his mom " mommy"
If a person you are dating is a grown up adult but still calls his mother 'mommy' then he surely is a mama's boy. Such kind of boys always asks their mother's permission before dating a particular girl.

2.Your guy still resides at his mother's place
You can know that your guy is a momma's boy if he is more than twenty five years old but still lives with his mother. Such guys love their parents very much and do not prefer leaving their mother's house.

3.His mother is involved in everything he does
You are surely dating a mama's boy if your guy's mother is involved in everything that he does. Such men always consult their mothers while taking any decision of their lives. He will even ask his mother while going on a date with you.

4.His mother always comes first
A momma's boy always holds his mother in high esteem. His mother will always come first whether it is sharing his success or whether it is celebrating his birthday. You place is that of a second woman.

5.His mother accompanies him for your first date
A mama's boy would always bring his mother on his first date. This can be very frustrating for a girl. So always be aware from before of such relationships.

6.He calls his mother for advice
If your guy calls his mother after every argument that he has with you then he is surely a mama's boy. Such guys prefer taking the advice of their mothers rather than listening to their girlfriends.

7.Compares you with his mother all the time
If your guy compares you with his mother in very thing you do and ultimately wants you to be just like his mother then you are surely dating a momma's boy.

8.Competing with the mother for the son's attention
If you feel like you are constantly competing with his mother to be heard, seen or just plain 'recognized' by the son then you have surely entered into a relationship with a momma's guy.

These are some very powerful signs of knowing whether you are dating a mama's boy or not.

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