Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to Handle Sexual Harassment

Before discussing about how to handle sexual harassment, let us first know what exactly sexual harassment is. Sexual harassment is an unwanted attention of sexual nature and it is a form of illegal social harassment. Sexual harassment may include mild aggressions, sexual assault and sexual abuse.

These unwelcome advances may interfere with your work or studies, and may create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. So, now let us discuss some ways to deal with sexual harassment.

1.Be very confident while dealing with your harasser
If you really want to handle with sexual harassment then you have to be very strong form within. Make it very clear to your harasser that this kind of a behavior will not be tolerated by you. Tell them that if they would not stop the unwanted behavior, you will complain about this matter to the higher authority.

2.Be very non-confrontational
Do not ever feel scared by the person who is sexually harassing you. Indicate by your body language that you do not feel threatened by your harasser. Stay away from that person as much as possible.

3.Complain about this problem
Before dealing with sexual harassment, you must make sure that the management is aware of your problems. Unless the management is not aware of your sufferings they would not be able to deal with it. You must make sure of all these things in order to deal with sexual harassment.

4.Avoid all contacts with your harasser
Avoid unnecessary contact with the person who is constantly troubling you. Cut off any social ties that may exist with the harasser. Keep all necessary contact strictly professional and business related.

5.Write a personal letter to the harasser
Write a letter to your harasser asking them to stop the offensive behavior. Be sure to include specifics (what, when, where) in the letter. Date and sign the letter, then give it to the harasser in the presence of a witness. Keep a copy for all your written records.

6.Fill out important forms
Fill out all the essential forms to report the problem. The company's policy on reporting sexual harassment should be followed. Any paperwork documenting the problem needs to be completed. This is a very important step that you must take.

7.Involve a legal system
If you can not deal with the problem of sexual harassment by your own self then take the help of an attorney. In matters when the management can not handle the problems you have to involve the legal system. A lawyer will give you excellent advice on how to deal with the issue in the most efficient ways.

These are some of the most essential steps that you must follow in order to handle sexual harassment.

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