Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Organize a New Year's Party At Home for Your Lover

A new year is a very special occasion of celebration and enjoyment. Nothing is better than celebrating this wonderful event with your near and dear ones. You can make the New Year's Eve special by organizing a New Year's party at home for your lover.

Here are some excellent ideas to plan and organize a New Year's party for your lover.

1.Decorate your room
To give your lover a pleasant surprise on this day, you should first start with decorating your house and room. Decorate your room with stars, confetti, streamers and other things.

2.Prepare a guest list
Create a guest list and use the internet to find out about First Night celebrations in your area. Determine what kind of event you would like to see on New Year's Eve. Try to decide the theme for the party according to the choice of your lover.

3.Prepare the meal
Invite some of your favorite people over for an end-of-the-year meal. Prepare most of the meal before the evening begins. If you do not feel like cooking on this holiday then you can even order the food from some good restaurant.

4.Buy an expensive champagne
Champagne is usually used to celebrate a special occasion, so a bottle of champagne is must in your New Year's Eve party. Open and pour champagne or sparkling cider. Be sure that you open the bottle just before the clock strikes mid night.

5.Resolution making process
New Year resolutions should be creative and a fun filled activity. You make a resolution and tell your lover to do so. After you both have made New Year resolutions, tell your guests to do the same. Explain your resolutions and have your guests do the same over dinner. Discuss or think about why you have chosen these particular goals.

6.Light a fire or some candles
As you approach the mid night you should light a fire or some candles. This would be an indication for everyone to get ready for the special moment from before.

7.Raise a toast to your loved ones
When the clock strikes mid night be ready with the champagne bottle. Pour the champagne and raise a toast to everyone.

8.Be ready to kiss your beloved
Make sure that your beloved is at your side before mid night. When the Special moment arrives, take your lover in your arms and share an intimate kiss with them. This would be a perfect end to your New Year's Eve party.

Follow these special tips to organize a New Year bash for your beloved.

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