Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Handle Mixed Culture Relationships

Mixed relationships are not very easy to handle. If you want to make your mixed culture relationship successful then you have to make some extra efforts. Try to learn about the family values and cultural events of your partner before committing into a relationship.

Mixed culture could mean different ethnicity, different religions, different languages, or even different social status. Here we will provide you some ways through which you can successfully handle mixed culture relationships.

1. Respect your partner's culture
If you are engaged in a mixed culture relationship then the most important thing that you should do is to respect your partner's culture and religious values. Never make fun or insult his religious views and thinking. It is not necessary for you to convert to their religion but try to respect and love them for what they are.

2. Be very co-operative with your partner
In order to make your mixed culture relationship successful it is very essential for you to co-operate with your lover. Never force your partner to do anything according to your views or values. Let them do whatever makes them happy. It is totally up to a couple to make their mixed culture relationship long lasting.

3. Handle the trouble created by family members
It is a known fact that your family members would never be happy if you indulge in a mixed culture relationship. You have to face displeasure and disappointment from your as well as your partner's family members. Try to handle this pressure and tense situation in a peaceful and composed manner. Never disrespect your elders.

4. Take interest in each other's cultures
When you realize that the mixed culture relationship is serious, you should both take an interest in each other's culture. Make a list of events and days that are important for your religion, combine this list with the list of your lover. This will help in creating a better understanding between you and your partner.

5. Make special efforts
In order to make your mixed culture relationship work you have to make some special efforts. Try to learn the different language that your lover speaks or try to learn the about religious or cultural ceremonies and events.

6. Teach your children to respect both cultures
When you have children a mixed cultural relationship would help them grow in an environment that's enriched from both cultures. They will learn the heritage supplied from both parents. Children brought up in mixed culture homes grow up accepting that both cultures are good.

These are some of the important tips you should follow to cope up with a mixed culture relationship.

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Falken Norman said...

Good day, we am in a mixed culture relationship. We are Atheist North American, and Lebanese Middle Eastern. It is not as easy as saying respect, and learn about each others culture. One culture sais all humans are equal, the other sais otherwise, in in one culture you do what you believe is right, in the other, you must obey dictations given to you from members of your family, even if you don’t agree..

We Want to tell all of you, it is not easy. In our case, we both have to make sacrifices to stay together. But hey, that is love! If you or your partner is not willing to make sacrifice, then we are sorry. You must understand, Love must not follow culture. If it is love, culture will follow it, “never” the other way around.

We wish we could say it is as easy as saying, people can be together, just respect, and make each other happy, but when people com from two worlds, and have polar believes about certain things, it is not easy.

We wish you all good luck, and hope you understand, sacrifices will have to be made, by both of you. Never ask for one party to make all the change or sacrifice, that is wrong, that is true love.

John Doe + Jane Doe

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