Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Australia

Valentine's Day is a much-celebrated festival in Australia and its popularity is said to be increasing by the year. People in Australia make use of Valentine's Day festival as an opportunity to strengthen bonds of love with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors with simple acts of love.

Valentine's Day history in Australia

Valentine's Day in Australia has a time privileged history. According to popular account, during the Australian gold rush period, Ballarat Mines was accountable for the new found wealth of several miners. The miners with money in their hands, spent generously on Valentine's Day.

The gifts were always out of the ordinary and interesting. Some of the most extravagant Valentines were made of a satin cushion and were perfumed and ornately decorated with flowers and colored shells. Some were even adorned with bird of paradise. This tradition of splendor is maintained till this day on Valentine's Day in Australia.

Valentine's Day Customs
  1. People in Australia celebrate Valentine's Day by presenting cards and flowers to loved ones. While exchanging paper cards is a common way of greeting Valentine's Day these days more and more people are using SMS and e-mail medium to express their love for loved ones.
  2. Valentines Day celebration is gaining momentum among the youth and this can be figured out from the fact that 90% of people in the age group of 18-24 show interest about celebrating the lovebirds' day as against 45 % of people over 50s.
  3. Surveys reveal that men in Australia are more romantic and open about expressing their love as compared to Australian women. Men in Australia buy more cards than women do.
  4. Valentines' Day Celebrations
  5. Various Valentine's Day events in Australia takes place with weeklong music carnivals and amateur theatre fests in the cities of Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Valentine's Day festivities in Australia witnesses crowd pulling mega multi cultural events depicting the original art and craft activities, fun celebrity valentine shows and amazing sports competitions.
  6. Valentine's Day in Australia is a holiday so people opt for family outings and revitalize the day by spending with their close family members and friends. So Valentine's Day is a truly a majestic festival in Australia.
  7. With the passage of time, Valentine's Day traditions in Australia, has undergone some changes though the particular essence remains same with people buying greetings, gifts and specially designed Valentine chocolates for their loved ones.
These are some romantic ways through which you can celebrate Valentine's Day in Australia.

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