Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic times of the year to express your affections and love for the special person in your life. Choosing a Valentine's Day gift for someone special does not need to be difficult or stressful; it only requires some forethought and planning.

So, now let us discuss about Valentine's Day gift ideas for couples who are engaged.
  1. February 14 is one of the most popular days of the year for couples to become engaged. Getting engaged on Valentine's Day, with the engagement ring being the only gift needed, is in of itself very romantic for many couples.
  2. Preplanning and thoughtful consideration in setting the tone for an evening of love and romance often provides couples many future years of wonderful memories of that grand day. Preplan and arrange for family on both sides to arrive for the joyous occasion before the proposal.
  3. Another gift opinion for your fiancée could be taking dance lessons to surprise her. Surprise her on Valentine's Day by popping a CD on the stereo and asking her to dance. She will be surprised and delighted.
  4. Buy him or her, a watch, bracelet, handkerchief or other accessory and write a thoughtful note to accompany it, stating that you are so excited to marry them and thought they might wear the enclosed on your wedding day.
  5. If you know of a wedding detail where your sweetie wanted a more luxurious option, but settled for a cheaper one, spend your Valentine's Day gift to give an upgrade. If she wanted peonies in her bouquet, but they were out of season, call the florist and change the details.
  6. Valentine's Day can also be the best time to gift your fiancée with a honeymoon package trip to be used after your marriage. This gift would truly make her wait eagerly for both of you to get married as soon as possible.
  7. A webcam might seem like a slightly strange Valentine's Day gift, but for the gadget-loving groom-to-be, it is perfect for wedding planning with family and friends, and keeping in touch with long-distance groomsmen and wedding guests.
  8. Around Valentine's Day, the stores are full of gift baskets full of lotions, pink hearts, candy, and other girly things. But a gift basket is a great way to make a few inexpensive items seem more impressive.
  9. Giving the gift of a "his and hers" spa treatment, or tickets to a play, are often welcome gifts for couples.
  10. Consider purchasing a set of luxurious sheets for the bed, such as 600-thread count Egyptian cotton, which you can both enjoy for many years to come.
These are some best Valentine's day gift ideas for engaged couples.

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