Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day in Italy

The Romantic Festival of Valentine's Day is celebrated with great passion in the beautiful country of Italy. Lovers take opportunity of the day to express love and affection for their beloved. Loads of Valentine's Day gifts are exchanged and everyone enjoys the day to the fullest.
Romance, poise, rhythm and verve lace the celebration of Valentine day in Italy, which is typically a country of colossal. Here we will discuss about the various aspects of Valentine's Day celebrations in Italy.

History of Valentine's Day in Italy

Valentine's Day was originally celebrated as a Spring Festival in Italy. Celebration for the day was held in the open air. Young people would gather in tree arbors or decorative gardens and enjoy listening to music and reading of poetry. Later they would stroll off with their Valentine into the gardens. The custom steadily ceased over the course of years and has not been celebrated for centuries.

  1. In the Italian city of Turin it was traditional for an engaged couple to announce their engagement on this day. For a while before the day shops would be decorated and filled with all sorts of bon-bons. Some even sold china baskets and cups filled with delectable Valentine's Day candies and tied with a ribbon.
  2. Another interesting Valentine's Day tradition followed in Italy and Britain made unmarried girls to wake up before sunrise. People strongly believed that the first man an unmarried girl sees on Valentine's Day, or someone who looks like him would marry her within a year.
  3. Sicily and Sardinia frame Italy as the typical Southern European country, with colossal dynamism. The exclusivity of Italy, the rich tradition of the country, the brimming romance offers, all make Valentine day in Italy the real time to share those moments of undying emotion.
  1. Valentine Day in Italy is the carnival of sharing and caring whilst pronouncing the deep emotion of love for each other amidst the age old Valentine Day traditions like exchanging of gifts and flowers. The innocence of lily, the glory of the hyacinth and the sedulity of the red roses are enough to coif the mood which contours those untold words in the midst of the gleam of Valentine's Day in Italy.
  2. People of Italy see Valentine's Day as a holiday imported from US, just like Halloween and Mother's Day. For the love and lovers country of Italy, the major day for celebration of love is "il giorno della festa degli innamorati". As lovers' exclusively celebrate this day family members and friends do not exchange gifts.
  3. Italy has a very trendy Valentine's gift, known as the Baci Perugina. It is basically a small chocolate enclosed with hazelnut and containing a small slip of paper which has the loving lyrical quote in four different languages.
  4. Couples usually go out for dinners at pizzeria or Ristorante. There is a strong tradition to exchange gifts like rose, perfume, chocolates and diamonds depending on the age and taste of person.
  5. Italy is the place to experience the crimson tint of the candle light dinner in the midst of the white patina of the snow fall during the season of love. The rhythm of dance, the timber of music, the pungent smell of classy wines and flush foods make the Valentine day in Italy an enormous event.
These are some ways through which Valentines' Day is celebrated in Italy.

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