Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tips for Celebrating Valentine's Day on Budget

Valentine's Day is not about spending huge amounts of money but it is about Expressing your love and affection for your beloved. As long as you are expressing love to those around you, Valentine's Day can be done successfully on a budget.

Now, let us discuss about some ways to celebrate Valentine's Day on budget.

1.Tokens of love
Actions and words can convey much more to a loving partner than expensive jewelry and fancy dinners. Tuck a love note into their jacket pocket, purse or lunch bag for them to find. Gifts can be inexpensive and meaningful without costing a lot. Purchase a new book by their favorite author .Give them some bubble bath with the promise of a full hour in the tub, alone or with you. A CD mix of their favorite tunes or an assortment of love songs will be a sweet and thoughtful gift as well.

2.Sending messages
Little "I Love You" messages throughout the day do not cost anything however; they can do wonders for boosting the excitement and romance for the night to come.

3.Spending the day at home
You can make this special day a romantic one by spending the evening together at home, watching a romance movie, cuddling and snuggling with your beloved. Dish out home made dinner that you and your partner cooked together, light up scented candles, prepare a romantic table setting, dim the lights and have a conversation together with no interruption.

4.Enjoy each other's company
To celebrate this day you can have a nice romantic stroll along the beach under the stars at night. Enjoy each other's company and have a nice conversation together. Sharing your feelings and thoughts are much more valuable than throwing out lots of money for a dinner out.

5.Early start
Wake up a little early and place a card or rose on your loves pillow. This is a surefire way to start Valentines Day right. If you have time and can cook, you may want to take this a little further and serve your sweetie breakfast in bed. You just might get a nice treat for desert.

6.Cook dinner together
Cook dinner together. Plan a special evening with a menu of favorite foods and make a savory culinary creation standing side by side sharing the task. Make Valentines Day special by putting aside daily worries and tasks, set a pretty tablecloth atop with lightly scented candles and dim the lights.

7.Revisit Memories
If you are the sentimental type then chances are you keep a box of souvenirs of your relationship: photos, movie or game ticket stubs, postcards, love letters and so on. These souvenirs tend to just sit there forever just taking up space. You can bring them out on Valentine's Day and go through them with your lover.

8.Cherish what you have
Celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget by cherishing what you have. We often get caught up in material wealth as opposed to the genuine wealth of love and companionship. If you are saving up for a life together then remember that is more important than any gift. Consider putting off pricy presents until you are financially secure.

These are some very romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day on budget.

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