Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Day Customs

Romantic festival of St Valentine's Day is celebrated with passion and fond regard in several countries around the world. Here we will mainly discuss about the traditions and customs followed on this day.

1.Searching for dates
One of the most admired customs of Valentine's Day practiced worldwide is to go on a date with sweetheart. Those without a date start looking for one before the festival. The custom originated from the popular English belief that birds chose their partners on February 14.

2.Wishing 'Happy Valentine's Day'
In the start, Valentine's Day was connected with romantic couples only but in modern times the festival is seen in much larger viewpoint. Now, people take opportunity of this day to wish 'Happy Valentine's Day' to anyone they love be it father, mother, teachers, siblings, friends, co-workers or just anyone special to them.

3.Exchanging Notes
One of the most commonly observed Valentine's Day customs is the exchange of love notes called 'Valentines'. Initially people used to exchange handwritten notes but starting with the 19th century, the practice of sending hand written notes was replaced by the exchange of mass-produced greeting cards.

Most commonly used pictures in Valentine's Greetings include images of popular Valentine's Day symbols like red roses, hearts and Cupid - the pudgy, winged son of Venus, the goddess of love.

4.Tradition of Exchanging Gifts
Exchanging gifts is an integral part of Valentine's Day. Some of the most popular gifts exchanged between lovers on Valentine's Day are fresh flowers - mainly roses, chocolates and teddy bears. Fine jewelry is increasingly becoming a popular St Valentine's Day gift for women. Candies, showpieces besides several other things are also gifted to dear ones including grandparents, parents, siblings, teachers and friends.

5.Occasion to Dine and Wine
Another most usual way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to go for romantic candlelight dinners with one's Valentine. Many also choose to propose their dates in such a romantic atmosphere and say the golden words, 'I love you'. The other most emerging tradition is to participate in Valentine's Day balls and dance parties organized by various societies, clubs and restaurants. Many people also organize Valentine's Day Couple's parties in their homes where lovers have a blast in the company of friends.

6.Celebrations in Schools
In several countries including United States and Canada there is a tradition to organize Valentine's Day classroom parties in schools. In such parties children exchange chocolates and Valentine's Day cards with their friends. British children sing special Valentine's Day song and receive candies and chocolates as reward.

These are some commonly followed traditions and customs of Valentine's Day.

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