Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top Tips for Surviving A Work Place Romance

Office romances are not always very successful because there is often a lack of understanding and co-operation. If you are indulged in a workplace romance then you are at a close contact with your lover because they share your work and responsibilities. Workplace romances are very risky and involve ego problems.

Now let us discuss some great tips for surviving a work place romance.

1.Try to limit workplace romances
If you can not totally avoid work place romances then try to limit them. Date only one individual from your office at a time. Do not tell about your relationship to any one in your company even to your most trusted colleague. Never discuss your romance inside the workplace.

2.Keep a check on your conversation
If you are discussing about your previous date with a co-worker then never mention the name and identity of your date if he works in the same company. Always be very secretive about your romance with a co-worker, because if the romance is disclosed it can create many problems for you as well as the person you are dating.

3.Do not arrive and depart the office with your lover
If you are dating someone from your company then you should always keep a time gap between your arrival and departure time with your lover. You can carpool with another person to avoid suspicion.

4.Do not engage in suspicious activities
While dating a colleague you should always avoid suspicious activities at your workplace like holding hands, kissing each other, hugging and casual touching, because if you are caught in these activities then you can be terminated from your job immediately. Maintain a safe distance from each other during office hours.

5.Make the use of office parties and events
You should make the use of office parties, company events, luncheons, picnics, outings and off-site meetings to spend some time with each other. But at these events avoid drinking to much, dancing to closely with your partner and open display of affections.

6.Do not use e-mails to chat with each other
Remember that employers often monitor and store company email. Communicate in ways that cannot be reviewed or infiltrated by co-workers or the employer.

7.Avoid discussing personal problems at workplace
If you are involved with a co-worker then always avoid discussing personal problems at your workplace. Discuss personal difficulties at your home or at some other place. Face the reality that a transfer or resignation may be necessary when an office romance ends.

These are some of the foolproof ways to survive a workplace romance in a successful manner.

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