Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dating a Divorced Man

Dating a divorced guy is not an easy task. You have to be careful of many things while dating a divorced guy. Dating a divorced man is very different from dating a person who has never been married before. Divorced men are more matured and experienced when it comes to handling a relationship. So dating a divorced man can also be a learning experience for you.

Here are some suggestions and advices that women should follow if they are considering dating a divorced guy. They should be very careful while choosing such relationships.

1.Divorced man can make very good partners:
Not all but some divorced men can make very good partners. They are much more matured and experienced in life. They are aware of many things that unmarried men are not. A divorced guy is capable of understanding you in a much better way. They often become great partners.

2.Be slow:
While considering dating a divorced guy you should keep a number of things in your mind. Do not be too desperate, take everything slowly. Try to talk to him as much as possible. Through conversation with them you can understand them a lot better. Do no indulge in talking about their past life.

3.Give them emotional support:
If your partner has just undergone a divorcing process then try to give them emotional support. Do not press them to commit to you immediately. They need their own time and space to start up a new relationship. Do not take any such step that you would regret later in life.

4.Be friendly with their kids:
You should avoid the topic of their ex. Do not engage them in any topic that involves their ex-wives. Try to be friendly with their kids (in case they have any). If they want to spend some time with their kids and family then allow them to do so. Do not keep them away from their kids.

5.Do not be jealous:
You have to accept the fact that your present boyfriend was someone's husband in the past. There may be times when your boyfriend will compare you to his ex-wife. He may also indulge in talking about her. Do not take it in the negative sense. Try to accept your boyfriend the way he is.

6.Be aware of his attitude:
You should be aware of the attitude of the person you are considering to date. If he is not emotionally strong then do not force him to commit. Some guys have the habit of not accepting their fault. Be sure that you are dating a guy who holds full responsibility for his divorce if it was his fault.

These tips will help you greatly in deciding whether you should or should not date a divorced man.

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