Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Precautions you should take while doing online dating

Online dating is becoming more popular with every passing day. Online dating helps thousands of singles to find love and friendship through these expert dating sites. But during online dating you can also get involved in some online dating scandal. One should be very careful while dating a stranger. They should keep their eyes and ears both open.

Here are some safety tips that would prevent you from any online dating scandal. These precautionary tips will also benefit you while you are on a date with a stranger.

1.Never give your person information online
While talking to a perfect stranger online, you should never give out your personal information too soon. First you should properly know the person before you give them your phone number or personal email address.

2.Use a cell phone or local phone service to chat
When your relationship has reached to the level at which you can exchange your phone numbers, you should be very careful. Never give your home phone or permanent landline numbers to a stranger. Always use your cell phones or local phone services.

3.Ask for a recent photo
Always asks for the recent picture of the person you are interested in on an online dating service. Some people tend to put pictures in which they look younger than they actually are. This will give you a wrong impression of their personalities.

4.Meet in a public place
If you have planned to meet the person with whom you chat online on social networking services, then you should always meet them in crowded public places. Never agree to meet on private or lonely parks or farmhouses.

5.Use paid online dating services
Always become a member of those dating networks which are famous and well known. Almost all the popular online dating sites will charge you a nominal fee before you become a member. Paid online dating services are much safer than free dating sites.

6.Do not indulge in overseas contacts
If you meet a certain person online who is of some other country, then try to ignore such people. You very well know that long distance relationships seldom work. So in order to protect your self ignore all overseas members visiting your profile.

7.Use a free email account
While conversing with people through online dating services you should be very alert. Never provide your personal email id to strangers. Connect with the members of your social dating sites through free email accounts. If you use a free email account a stranger would never be able to track you.

Always make sure use follow these tips to have an enjoyable and safe online dating session.

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