Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to End a Relationship Gracefully

Breaking up is never easy for any one. It involves a lot of pain and suffering. Ending a relationship with the one you love can be very sorrowful, but sometimes circumstances are such that you can not avoid that situation. Ending a relationship can sometimes be very challenging, so in order to cope up with the separation one should be extremely strong.

You should not have any ill feelings towards one another even after your break up. So always keep in mind that you should end your relationship in a graceful way.

1.Communicate your problems with your partner
It is very essential that you first communicate your problems with your partner and tell them, why you want a break up. First try taking out a solution of your problems, even after this if nothing works out at least you would not regret your decision afterwards.

2. Do not use a third person or the phone to break up
If you want to have a break up, be dignified enough to say this your self. You should communicate directly with your partner at the time of break up. Do not ever tell one your friends to do it for your. And a phone should not be strictly used in such cases.

3. Do not ever blame your partner
Breaking up was your decision and not your partner's, so do not ever try to blame him or her for something that they do not even know about. You should not hold any one responsible for your break up, it was solely your decision so no one else should be harmed by whatever you do.

4. Always be clear
If you are not satisfied with your relationship and want to have a break up, then you should be clear about the reasons for doing so. You should not sound vague or nervous while stating your reasons. Always be clear and try to finish the matter as soon as possible.

5. Do not be ignorant or silent
If you can not adjust with a person then say this to them directly, do not start ignoring them. Some people just stay silent and ignore phone calls when their partner calls them. You should not act in such a manner because you owe your partner one last explanation.

6. Give your partner some time to face the truth
If you have ended a relationship then be ready to face it, do not start feeling guilty. Try to act strong emotionally. If your partner needs some time then give them that time, but do not ever give them the false hope of returning back to them when you have absolutely no intention of doing so.

These tips will surely help you to break up in a graceful and dignified manner.

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