Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things that women love about men

It is often very difficult to tell what a woman really wants in her man. Every woman follows her own perspective. Each woman wants her man to be a perfect human being. Some women want a good looking and handsome person while some prefer intelligent and wise men. Every woman looks for some unique and different qualities in her man.

So now let us discuss about the things that a women loves about men. Here are some of the most common qualities that women want their men to have.

1.The man should behave like a gentleman
Every woman wants her man to act and behave in a gentle and caring way. Women do not prefer men who are to dominating and lack the adequate manners. A man who respects women can only be called a gentle man. They should talk politely and should have good table manners. They should not behave like ruffians.

2.Women are attracted to good looking men
Women are easily attracted to good looking and handsome men. A man's sex appeal can be his greatest plus point. Every woman wants his man to look attractive and sexy. A man should also dress in a suitable manner. They should only wear clothes that compliments their features and looks.

3.Women like men who make them feel special
Almost every woman loves a man who makes then feel special. They are attracted very easily towards those men who treat them like a princess. Women want their men to full fill their every need and requirements, should give then a lot of gifts and should constantly admire their beauty and appearance.

4.Women love men who are funny and humorous
Women are easily attracted to men who are amusing and funny. They like men who can easily make them laugh by cracking silly jokes. But they hate men who are too boring and serious. If a man has the ability to make a woman laugh then he can easily attract any women towards him. Humor is one most important quality that every man should possess in order to impress women.

5.A woman likes men who challenges her
Gone are the days when women used to prefer sweet and simple guys, today women want challenging and brave men. They want men who are straight forward and are not afraid to say what is on their mind.

6.Women like men who build their interests
Women like men who are wise and knowledgeable. A man should be interesting and intelligent enough to build a woman's interest. Women love men who are mysterious and can create curiosity.

These are some of the few qualities that women love about men. A man who possesses all these things can easily impress any woman that he likes.

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bailee said...

I think:
The way they look
The way they smell
The way they smile
The way they help me out
Their kindness
Their gentleness
Their weakness (ability to be vulnerable)
Their softness
The way they cook
The way they talk

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