Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10 Pointers for a Successful Date

Every one wants to have a successful dating experience. Dating can be an enjoyable as well as monotonous time; it is all up to you on how you make your dating successful. Successful dating helps you in creating strong romantic bonds and long term relationships. You can only make your dating experience successful if you really want to establish a relationship.

Here are top ten dating tips that would help in making your dating experience more successful and interesting.
  • Plan a simple and fun date: In order to enjoy your dating experience you should plan a simple and creative date. Do something that would interest both of you. Go for a long drive, a candle light dinner or a romantic movie.
  • Date the person who is compatible to you: You should only date that person who is most compatible to you. Your date would be successful if you and your dating partner share the same interests and likings.
  • Dress impressively: On a date you should always wear some attractive clothes. The first impression is the last impression. Dress in something that compliments your body language and style. Do not wear too tight fitting or revealing clothes.
  • Be humorous: If you want to be successful in your dating experience then it is very necessary for you to have a funny and amusing behavior. Laugh at your partners jokes. Do not be too serious or boring on your date.
  • Do not dominate the conversation: If you want to create a strong bond with your dating partner then you should not talk too much. Give your partner equal time and space to express their desires and thoughts.
  • Be patient: To have a successful dating experience, you should be very patient and calm. Do not hurry into things. Take enough time while expressing your desires to your partner. Do not sound too desperate.
  • Be realistic: You should never engage in asking or talking about your past relationships. Be realistic and always be aware of your partner's needs and requirements. Do not hurt them by insulting their emotions and feelings.
  • Make your partner comfortable: You will only have a successful dating experience, if your partner is comfortable in your company. Do not indulge in asking your partner weird and awkward questions.
  • Be polite and well behaved: Every person should be polite and well behaved with their partners. If you respect your partner then they will also treat you with equal respect and care.
  • Compliment your partner: The most important tip for you to follow in order to make your date more successful is to compliment and admire your partner. If you pay attention to your partner's look and dressing sense then they would be greatly impressed by you.
These are ten most powerful points to have a successful and memorable dating experience.

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