Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is True Love

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in this whole wide world. When someone is touched by this powerful emotion of love then they feel as if they are in heaven. Finding true love is a very difficult task. Only few people are lucky enough to be loved by the person they love. True love is very essential for a lifelong bond. Different people have different views about true love. But according to me True love is pure and should be worshipped.

Well now let us discuss what exactly true love is. These following essential features will help you in understanding the exact meaning of true love.

1.True love is knowing your partner's desires even before they mention them
Two people can only be in love if they understand each other perfectly. Understanding and loving are two most important features of true love. You should know about your partner's needs and requirements even before they say it.

2.True love is giving and not expecting
If you love a person that does not mean that that person also loves you. True love requires you to face the reality. True love is pure and simple. You should always give and never expect if you truly love someone.

3.True love is sharing each others problems
Every person has to face challenges and hardships in their life. If you truly love a person you will stand by them in every challenge of their life. Two people who are truly in love share each and every emotion and problem with one other. By doing this their love for each other increases with every passing day.

4.True love is giving freedom to your lover
If you truly love a person then you should give them the required time and space. True love requires you to give freedom to your partner to live their lives according to their own wish. True love does not require you to be possessive or jealous.

5.True love means respecting each other
True love is a very powerful emotion. People who are in love should give equal respect and love to each other. True love requires you to respect your partner's decisions and efforts.

6.True love means accepting your partner as they are
If you truly love your partner then you should accept them they way they are. Do not ever try to change their habits or appearance. True love means loving the inner soul and not loving the outer beauty of your partner.

7.True love involves complete trust
True love requires you to trust and be loyal to your partner. Do not ever try cheating the person who loves you most dearly and completely.

These are some of the most important features of true love. A person can only love you truly if they full fill the above mentioned points.

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