Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tips for successfully Approaching Women for a First Time Date

Successfully approaching a woman for the first time can be the most difficult task for many people. Guys who are very shy, find it very difficult to approach the women they like. Some boys are also very scared of rejection from the women they love. They are not bold enough to muster up the courage to approach any woman.

So now let us discuss some of the most essential tips for approaching a woman for the first time.

1.Be confident
The most important thing that one should keep in mind while approaching a women is to be very confident and bold. Women hate those men who are too shy or serious. Have ample of confidence in your self to face rejection. If you are scared of rejection then you would never be able to approach any women.

2.Do not be too desperate
While approaching a woman you should not act too desperately. Do not be too out spoken while expressing your liking for a particular woman. Handle every situation very peacefully and calmly. If you have a crush on a certain girl then try to express your feeling for her in a gentle way. If you will become too desperate then you will never succeed in any relationship.

3.Try to maintain eye contact
If you love a girl then try to maintain a healthy eye contact with her. By doing this you can easily express your feelings and emotions to her. A healthy eye contact will bring you closer to the person you admire and like. If you will use a strong eye contact then a girl will feel more attracted and drawn towards you.

4.Take genuine interest in her
If you really admire a girl and want to successfully approach her, then you should take a genuine interest in all her activities. Women are easily attracted to men who have the same views and thoughts. You should take the advantage of every possible thing that would bring you closer to her. Indulge in some activity that would prove that you are really compatible to the woman you admire. While you are in her company, talk about your common interests and goals.

5.Try to express your liking by performing thoughtful gestures
If you really want to make your beloved aware of your feelings for her, then you should perform some thoughtful gestures. Help her to carry her books, open the door for her and always be very polite to her. This is the most important tip for approaching any women. These gestures will bring you more close to the girl you like.

These are few of the most important tips to successfully approach a woman for the first time.

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