Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things That Guys Love About Girls

Guys are easily attracted towards a beautiful and well cultured girl. But this fact may not always be true. Every boy has his own point of view and his own way of thinking. Some boys may be attracted to a cute girl while others may be attracted to studious girls. Some boys prefer girls with long hair while some prefer them with blue eyes.

So now let us discuss about the things that guys love about girls. Guys are attracted to a number of things and every guy has his own choice and preferences.

1.Attractive looks
At first sight guys tend to love girls who have good looks. Guys are often attracted by the beauty of a girl. Guys love girls who have long hair, deep blue eyes, a slim figure and a flawless skin. Beauty is one of the most important factors that attract guys when they see a girl for the first time.

2.Dressing sense
A guy is also attracted by the dressing sense of a girl. Guys love girls who are simple yet attractive. They love girls who know which type of clothes suits them the best. They are also impressed by girls who are stylish and wear modern and fashionable clothes.

3.Confidence and attitude
Guys love girls who have plenty of confidence in themselves and are self independent. Even if that girl is not attractive to look at but if she has attitude and confidence in her self, then boys are attracted towards such her.

4.Good manners
Girls, who have good manners and are polite as well as humble, often tend to attract guys. Guys love simplicity and kindness, so if a girl has these qualities then a guy will obviously be attracted to her. The good manners of a girl would show in her behavior and her way of speaking.

5.Cute and innocent
Guys love girls who are cute and innocent. A cute girl attracts a guy through her looks and way of talking. Guys like taking care of girls, so innocent girls are most loved by them.

6.Brilliance and brains
Boys are easily attracted toward girls who have their own way of thinking. They love girls who are smart as well as brilliant. Girls who have plus brains are loves by most of the guys.

These are the things that guys love about girls. A girl having these qualities can easily attract boys towards her.


ClothesOn said...

With regard to cute and innocent, I look at innocence in a different light than just being a little unable to take care of things guys can do better; you said girls like to be taken care of. Innocence to me is something that makes one woman not only attractive, but stands out in a crowd of other beautiful women. She is a rare beauty that not only demonstrates cuteness, self-confidence, style, simplicity, but she also radiates good values such as virtue and peace of mind. Very few guys will feel qualified to be with a girl like this, however, I think they are smitten by this unique beauty in a woman and wish they were qualified to be with such a woman. I wish more women would be like this; maybe then there wouldn’t be such a shortage of good men because of how inspired they would be.

Anonymous said...

It is absolute rubbish to say that guys are only interested in slim, blue-eyed, long-haired girls. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some like green eyes, some like short girls, some like girls who are a bit more voluptuous.
To say that's the only type of girl that males are interested in is just close-minded and stereotypical.

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