Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tips for Dating a Pisces Woman

The Pisces are generally the most unworldly people. But they are very gentle, romantic, idealistic and helpful. Pisces women are very warm and loving but they are also dreamers. They are those people who express their feelings affectionately but they also become emotional very easily. They are very interested in music, art and other creative things and they are also very unselfish, sensitive and sympathetic friends.

Here we will provide you some very affective tips for dating a Pisces woman successfully.

1. Pisces are very challenging and complex
Woman who come under this zodiac sign are generally very challenging and complex. It is often very difficult to pin down such women. A man should never try to impress such women with material things. You can never attract a Pisces woman by showing off. Before dating any such women you should always check the horoscope to know your compatibility with them.

2. Be humors
Pisces women are easily attracted to men who are humorous and amusing. These women like spontaneous humor, so always be very careful while cracking a joke in front of them. Such women can not easily tolerate been criticized so be easy while teasing them. You should never offend them but indulging in any activity that they do not like. Move very slowly if you want to start a relationship with such women.

3. Be loving and understanding
Like most of the water sign, Pisces are also very sensitive and want to be cared for. These women are very particular about love and friendship. If you wan to win them over then you need to be very gentle and kind with them. Show them your love by presenting gifts or little tokens of your love. Act like a gentle man in front of them.

4. Be very attentive to them
Pisces woman are very particular about attention. If you want to attract them toward you then give them a lot of attention. But do not be too possessive or act as their slaves. All you have to do is to act in the right manner. Pay attention to all their problems and needs and do not ever neglect their feelings. Such women are very emotional when it comes to romantic matters.

5. Be very direct and clear about your feelings
You should be very clear and direct while expressing your feelings or imparting some personal information to Pisces women. These women are highly intuitive but can get confused very easily. Some Pisces women are very weak willed and can be controlled very easily, so always be very careful while handling such women.

These are some of the most powerful tips to date a Pisces woman.

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gwen said...

You may think a Pisces woman is weak willed, but she isn't. Her thinking is on such a highly spiritual and intellectual level, she appears absent minded and weak, she can be difficult to read.

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